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adoptable auction

  1. peachapri


    RULES No fighting !! (You're out) You may offer USD Don't be rude/mean No critique on the adopt STARTING BID 5 USD MINIMUM INCREASE 1 USD AUTOMATIC BUY 30 USD AUCTION ENDS AFTER AB OR MAY 30 ------------------------ AB's GET A FREE SHADED BUST !! Art (c) peachapri
  2. OakenheelTheWolf

    CHEAP Husky Adopt! Starting bid: $10

    If you want to buy this husky baby pm me! Starting bid is $10! Comes with a ref sheet and a headshot! (Pls dont steal) :3 here she is!
  3. O

    Original Species Adoptables Thread!

    I'm very new to fA, so please bear with me as I figure this site out. Thank you! :p Auctioning Original Species 'Kaltei' RULES: - I'm accepting Paypal only. - After buying, you'll receive a full-size picture of the design without the watermark. - Buying a designs gives you all the rights to use...
  4. ruruscube

    SB 10/15€ Babes

    Can be seen here: 1st batch: www.furaffinity.net: SB 10eur - Auctions (OPEN) by ruruscube 2nd batch: www.furaffinity.net: Horned Dragon n Girls Adopts (OPEN 3/3) by ruruscube
  5. Gunny

    Gunny's Adopt Shop!

    Gonna post some adopts here from time to time with prices set for each! With each of these adoptables, you will be able to decide the name, gender, sexuality, outfits, and make aesthetic changes! You may NOT resell these characters. All payments must be made through Paypal and must be made...
  6. IceBlizzard

    Winter Adoptables

    get yours here www.furaffinity.net: WINTER ADOPTABLES AUCTION (OPEN) by IceBlizzard
  7. fairytail

    [OPEN] Critter Adoptable Auction

    *link to fa* Rules ➜ Bid under the last bidder. ➜ Bid what you can afford. ➜ Don't hide your bidding. ➜ Don't drop your bid. ➜ Bid under the featured comment "bid here." ➜ Do not steal in any way ➜ Do not resell the design, however you can gift them or trade them or sell it for not more of what...
  8. Mi_koro

    Dragon AUCTION ($40 SB)

    Hi guys! I have something really special for you...look at this beauty! I just want to give him in the good hands. So here is an auction! Starting price is 40$ The winner will get after the payment a high-resolutetd image of this creature without watermark! Leave bids here...
  9. HannahHurst

    Lil' Bun Bun (OPEN AUCTION)

    AUCTION: (ends 24 hours after last bid) Starting Bid: $20 Bid increase amount minimum: $3 AB: $100 **I will NOT hold characters anymore for others, I am sorry. : ( Please only say you will buy if you have the money/points at that current time. It isn't fair to others who would want the...
  10. R

    KEMONO KIDS - $10 Adopts~

    Hello sweetpeas~ I've got six new cuties up for grabs. These are using a base created by the ever lovely Bitter Owl. Each adopt is $10 each. Your best bet would be to note me on the deviantArt listing for these babies, which you can find here <3 They are also listed for gold auction on...