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adoptable auctions

  1. H

    Adoptable auction

    you can bid here if you are interested <3 https://www.furaffinity.net/view/48721476/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/48721476/
  2. Soullessmadame

    (Selling) [OPEN] ✨NSFW Adoptable Feline Character ♀️✨

    Hello everyone! I'm dell'ing my new NSFW adoptable character here! ----- PRICE: 40 € ( or open to offers) After purchase you'll get: •A full-size .PNG file of the character without watermarks and signatures. •A full-size version without background (white or transparent) - ----- PAYMENT •Paypal...
  3. A

    (Adopt/Character) Auction [OPEN]

    [OPEN] Adopt Auction - Magical Moon Goblin Girl Bid here - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42799055/ SB: 50$ MI: 5$ AB: 110$ AB2(+ fullbody extra art)*: 150$ *You say your wishes, you approve the sketch and I draw and you get the finished result. Winner will get: JPG preview without...
  4. Memainc

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [Adopt/CLOSED] Humanoid Demon - SB $60usd

    [Auction/OPEN] Sassy Demon-Adopt by Memainc on DeviantArt THIS GUY IT'S READY FOR PARTY!! Includes two extras! one chibi and a bust, they'll be revealed after the owner receive the file. SB: $60 usd MI: $5 usd AB: $170 Owner: You'll get: -The .psd file a full resolution -Full body -Chibi...
  5. wemon

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: setprice adoptables ($5 - $25)

    i dunno how this works bc im new here? sorre if im doing smth wrong ?? but i have some open adopts right here if you feel like taking a look :'0
  6. littlegraycat

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Fantasy Cat Adopts [OPEN] [$50+]

    Hi everyone, I'm a bit new to the community but I made some fantasy D&D inspired cat adopts! Link to adopt page: www.furaffinity.net: Fantasy Cat Adopts [OPEN] by littlegraycat General Information -Bids start at $50, but prices are negotiable -Auction will end 48 hours after first bid is...
  7. Zeibei

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: ADOPTABLES FOR SALE ($10-$15)

    First time posting on the forums here so hopefully I cover everything! Currently selling adopts starting at $10 or $15 depending on the complexity of the design through Dealer's Den. Most of the info on the adopts is placed on the individual adopts description on the site to each adopt above the...
  8. artwithka

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: |OPEN| Adopt Auction #7

    Auction www.deviantart.com: |OPEN| Adopt Auction #7 Or www.furaffinity.net: |OPEN| Adopt Auction #7 by artwithka Rules: Starting Bid - 40$ Min Increase - 5$ Auto Buy 105$ - You will get the full version of the file without a watermark. Auto Buy 2 - 140$ - You will get the full version of the...
  9. domisuko1098

    Bunny/fox adopt

    So here's the auction post if anyone is interested ^^ www.furaffinity.net: ADOPTABLE AUCTION! (OPEN) by domisuko_1098
  10. daeofthepast

    > Adoptable Auction starting at $5 <

    www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] $5 auction - by daeofthepast AUCTION Starting Bid: $5 Min Increase: $1 Autobuy: $15
  11. CaptainGrouper

    Demon Dog and Wasp [auction]

    Link to DEMON DOGE auction - www.furaffinity.net: Demon Doge AUCTION by CaptainGrouper Link to Snow Patrol Wasp adopt - www.furaffinity.net: Smackdown [adopt] by CaptainGrouper (auction ends tonight, 11:59 pm, eastern time! (7-17-17) (only have Paypal!) -Doge - starting bid - $15 - min...
  12. Dachiia

    Space themed canine adoptables! ^^

    www.furaffinity.net: Space themed adoptables! [4/4 OPEN] by Dachiia I made these designs, and i really like them all honestly, but i have no need for them myself. i was hoping someone would be interested in one of them :) Thank for taking a look!! :D
  13. peachapri


    RULES No fighting !! (You're out) You may offer USD Don't be rude/mean No critique on the adopt STARTING BID 5 USD MINIMUM INCREASE 1 USD AUTOMATIC BUY 30 USD AUCTION ENDS AFTER AB OR MAY 30 ------------------------ AB's GET A FREE SHADED BUST !! Art (c) peachapri
  14. O

    Original Species Adoptables Thread!

    I'm very new to fA, so please bear with me as I figure this site out. Thank you! :p Auctioning Original Species 'Kaltei' RULES: - I'm accepting Paypal only. - After buying, you'll receive a full-size picture of the design without the watermark. - Buying a designs gives you all the rights to use...
  15. A

    Succubus / Demon Adoptable - Please help

    I know it's not that good -- and honestly it's a few years old -- but I'm selling this succubus/demon character. I'll probably be making more, this is somewhat of a test run. Rules: do whatever you want him/her/them, but don't claim credit for him/her/them. You can resell or trade or whatever...
  16. Mi_koro

    Dragon AUCTION ($40 SB)

    Hi guys! I have something really special for you...look at this beauty! I just want to give him in the good hands. So here is an auction! Starting price is 40$ The winner will get after the payment a high-resolutetd image of this creature without watermark! Leave bids here...
  17. oh-sehet

    RARE EGG Galaxy Mask Auction (ENDS:1 week)

    SB: $20 (BID INCREASE: $5 USD) AB: TBD HB: NONE YET ENDS WITHIN: October. 6, 2016 TO BID CLICK HERE FINISHED VERS WILL LOOK SOMETHING LIKE THIS(except more detailed because these are regular eggs and this one is a RARE AUCTION EGG!! ^^ not set price like these: Process: . I will message...
  18. Meowmixx101

    Moondancer Adoptable Auction

    Hi everyone! She's looking for a good home. Full info and bidding is in this link: www.furaffinity.net: Dancing Moon Auction by Meowmixx101 Starting price is 80