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  1. Chibee5

    Halloween Adopt /Winter Adopt

    www.furaffinity.net: Winter Inspired Adopts [[Open]] by chibi5 (Halloween) Selling for $25 but open to negotiation www.furaffinity.net: Halloween Adopt Character Auction [[Open]] by chibi5 (Winter Inspired) Selling both for $15
  2. furryfilth

    Ferrofluid AD adopt!

    www.furaffinity.net: Ferrofluid AD adopt! $15 starting bid! by furryfilth Link to auction on FA and picture^^^^^^^^^^ www.furaffinity.net: Ferrofluid Adopt! Relaxed version by furryfilth Link to second picture^^^^^^^^^^ Starting bid $15! Minimum increments of $1. Comment on FA auction (first...
  3. HannahHurst

    Lil' Bun Bun (OPEN AUCTION)

    AUCTION: (ends 24 hours after last bid) Starting Bid: $20 Bid increase amount minimum: $3 AB: $100 **I will NOT hold characters anymore for others, I am sorry. : ( Please only say you will buy if you have the money/points at that current time. It isn't fair to others who would want the...
  4. jisei

    Three fluffy dog/wolf adoptables

    Hello! Are you looking for a brand new, fluffy canine character? These are just for you! I have three left of them for sale. :) You don't have to keep them as ferals or canines after purchase! Feel free to turn them into anthros or even into other species, if you want. www.furaffinity.net...
  5. SammyChasity

    Adopts for Sale! (2)

    Hello! I currently have an Adopt for sale! (The first was sold) I accept paypal only. Click here to go to my paypal.me: PayPal.Me/sassityart This gives you the rights to the designs and the characters. You may edit them as much as you please. (You can also start a conversation with me if you'd...