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  1. Just-Joeying

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Semi-Natural Wolf/Canine Adoptables!

    Looking for homes for these two wolf adopts! I do not accept character or art trades. RULES Do not re-upload my original artwork. PayPal Only. You may resell the design only if there is extra character art. All payments are in USD and must be paid in full within 24 hours after confirmation...
  2. Lahasperos

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: MOST PWYW! Some set prices.

    hiya! so i have a thread on toyhou.se where i'm reselling some old characters, but i'm also trying my hand at selling some adopts too! so i figured i'd try here. the toyhou.se thread is here. i have a ko-fi set up to straight up buy my adopts too. non-toyhou.se users can buy those characters...
  3. sonny

    commissions, adopts, and ych's available!

    hi everyone! im sonny, im fairly new to using furaffinity- hoping these forums can help me generate some sales! first off, this is my carrd, this is important to read because it has my tos at the bottom. before i do any sale i always confirm you have read my tos first. heres my carrd. ych's...
  4. CrowOnFire

    Free Art: Free Adoptable Raffle

    Hi there! I'm hosting a raffle for your choice of one of sixteen adoptables I've created. The possibilities include dragons, jaguars, rabbits, and goats with a range of color schemes and body types. You can find details and enter here. Good luck!
  5. pupsicle-c

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: (OPEN - SELLING EVERYONE!!) OTA PURGE: +$5

    Hey! I've decided to Totally purge my TH, since I don't use most of my characters. So everyone is up for sale, even my old sonas! ⭐TH FOLDER LINK⭐ ⭐RULES:⭐ ✦ I am only PRIMARILY looking for offers of USD! ✦ All of them are OTA, meaning the prices listed are only what they're worth, not what...
  6. AcceptablePaw

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adoptables - Anthro Dragons, Cats, Foxes and Wolfs

    Hello there! I design various kinds of adopts for sale. Currently available are: - dragons - cats - foxes - wolves Feel free to bid or buy! Link to my FA: >link< Below are examples:
  7. SaltyCery

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: OPEN HQ Adopts for Sale! 10-30$!

    Dragon is 30$, protogen is 25$, wolves are 8$ each. You can resell for what you bought for, if it has extra art you can resell for more. Make sure to give me credit! I take paypal!
  8. B

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: (25 USD) Pokéfusion Adopts!

    Pokéfusions designed and drawn by me are now available for adoption! Choose from 4 total fusions which are each 25 USD (PayPal) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Arcaknight (Arcanine + Corviknight) (SOLD) - Luxflame (Luxray + Talonflame)...
  9. FurryVerse3D

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Receive a reference sheet with your MALE adopt! SB$20

    Hello! Here is a set of eight male antropomorph furry characters. You will receive a sheet for each one of them, you can see a sample sheet here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47302418/ SB $20 MI $5 AB $40 For $5: i can generate 2 avatar images to use in social media, with a plain...
  10. TheRabbitFollower

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: ★ Weekly Anthro + Human/oid Adopt Auctions [OPEN • $40+ • SFW] ★

    Rules / TOS ★ All prices are in USD ★ Serious buyers only-- You must pay within 48 hours after winning the adoptable. ★ After paying, you will receive the full resolution png of the design without a watermark, as well as flat color versions. ★ Do whatever you like with the design-- changes...
  11. FeralFamiliar

    Free Art: Free Bat Adopts! (CLOSED)

    They're all claimed! Thank you guys for giving these bats some homes! ^^ Hello! I made a couple of bat adopts for some practice and wanted to give them out for free for anyone who wanted one. These are just a name to adopt, so just drop a name for the one you want and they're yours! I can...
  12. cowboykidd

    trading ocs for art!

    info here! please have a toyhouse profile that i can transfer the design to if you want to offer. https://toyhou.se/15402268.offering-characters-for-art-
  13. K

    (OPEN 3/4) OTA Five Nights At Freddy's OCs

    when you buy your fella, you'll recieve a watermark-less image of what you ordered. Once you purchase your character (all dues paid), you own the rights to your character and can do with it however you please. my toyhouse is Kork_ for any crediting on websites I do not accept characters or...
  14. B

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: 5 Characters Are Up For USD Offers

    UPDATE: I'm happy to announce that the car has been fixed! I took on many commissions on the side which generated enough money to hire a reliable backyard mechanic. These characters are still for sale! I'm kind of in a bind. My mom's car has broke down and neither I nor her have money to fix...
  15. MysticMerle

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $10 USD Egg Adopts

    Pick your favorite egg and have it hatch into an anthro character! You get to pick the gender, and I will be using my own art (no base = unique adopt!) To the sale: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/45295972/
  16. B

    Adopt Ideas?

    Hey! I have a problem that I'm sure many other adopt makers struggle with. My adopts don't sell well. I thought I knew what interested people but things like this aren't black and white. I feel as though my adopts are either too generic or too niche, so I'm wondering if you guys could tell me...
  17. pupsicle-c

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: ★ CHEAP ADOPTS ($3+) - TOYHOUSE PURGE: UPDATED! ★

    ★ ADOPT FOLDER ★ RULES: I am only looking for monetary offers, no trades, sorry!! You may resell them after purchasing them from me, but only for what you paid for!! UNLESS you commissioned extra art for them! Please make sure to give all your artists (including the original maker) credit!!
  18. B

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Willing to haggle on ALL PRICES

    I need funds for something and I've realized that I just have waaaay too many characters. These are 10 I can part with. lol I only accept PayPal. All have proof of ownership except the xenomorph. I got it as a custom from someone a long time ago on Discord. You'll just have to take my word for...
  19. Lioedevon427

    Cheap Charity Adopts! ($12 Canines)

    If you want one of these two, all you have to do is DM me to make sure they are still available, then send me a screenshot of your donation to Doctors Without Borders, and I will send you a version of the character with no watermark! From them on, the character is yours, and so on. If you resell...
  20. Jackiefearz

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $45 Dragons

    Trying to sell these babes away! They're both $45~