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  1. pkingsora

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: CS AU Eoses Charity Auction SB 35

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Apologies for the delay And thank you for your time. During the past few months the earth has experience dramatic and drastic changes, displacing hundreds and thousands of people and species. Bringing some to the brink of extinction. The fires in Australia (And...
  2. Mokkeo

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: cute adoptable batch (15$ - 20$)

    so i got some adopts i still havent sold i decided to sketch them out! adopt them for the price listed and youll get a full colored chibi (shaded and stuff) example here --- > fav.me: She depends on you by C2YPTIC on DeviantArt fairy lion - 15$ punk terrier mix - 20$
  3. SundaeBunnie

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $8 ADOPTS! Bunny and Canine! (PAYPAL ONLY)

    I posted my canine adopts yesterday, but I just made some bunny adopts so I will post them here also and just include the canines here too. Anyways, They are $8 each, but feel free to make an offer! They are all currently available but I have these posted on Amino and Instagram as well so I...
  4. SundaeBunnie

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $15 CANINE ADOPTS!! (PAYPAL ONLY)

    Hey guys! I haven't posted in a long time since my first attempt at YCH sales flopped, but my part-time job has been cutting my hours really slim because they can't afford to keep paying us the hours, so I'm really hoping I can get these out the door. These are just simple $15 Canine/fox...
  5. gobithedog

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adoptables 5-18USD

    Hello! I have many unsold adoptables, check them out! 5USD www.furaffinity.net: Onions adoptables [OPEN 4/8] by gobithedog 10USD www.furaffinity.net: 10 USD adoptables [OPEN 2/2] by gobithedog 15USD www.furaffinity.net: Pony adoptables setprice [OPEN 2/2] by gobithedog...
  6. Artistotel

    Commissions open! $5-$70

    hi everyone! i figured i'd share my commissions here. c: you can find my art on artistotel on furaffinity, but also, let me share some examples: my commissions info:
  7. pinkyandclyde

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: ibizan hounds! [$10]

    Hello! I'm new here. Expect a lot of sighthounds. - please don't resell my work. gifting/trading is okay. - payment through paypal or venmo. - each babey is $10 - i will send full size file once paid :0)
  8. Achromatic

    Pokemon Fusion Adopts

    Howdy, howdy! Here goes my first forum post. I'm selling these Pichu/Togepi adopts on FA and dA. You can find them here, on FA: www.furaffinity.net: B I A 0 0 1 H A T C H E D by Achromatic Needing to find these babies good forever homes! Money will help me afford rent, medication and...
  9. epicukulelesolo

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Deer Adoptables $20

    There are 6 avaliable at the moment all going for $20 each! Furafinity Link here 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)
  10. habanniro

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Selling anthro [$55] and demon [$60] adopts

    CURRENT LISTINGS CANDY DEMON //listing on dA: https://www.deviantart.com/habanniro/art/OPEN-CANDY-DEMON-SETPRICE-819154651 ANIMAL X RPG CLASS //listing on dA: [OPEN] ANIMALS x RPG CLASS -- SETPRICE by habanniro on DeviantArt -- CANDY DEMON DESIGN [60 USD Paypal] Design #7 [OPEN] Info...
  11. pupbeat

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: 2 canine adopts! ($5 and $10) both OPEN

    you will receive the transparent watermark less version upon purchase! PayPal and USD only! Payment is upfront. You can use however you want when purchased besides reselling. Don't claim as your own design. 1. Green Gal ($5) OPEN 2. Angel ($10) OPEN
  12. HYNMY

    HYNMY's Open Adoptables ! Starting at $5 - $20

    Hiya ! I'm hynmy , a disabled trans man trying to make art my full time career ! I have some pretty cheap designs that I'm sure you'll all love ! Please check them out and feel free to critique my art while you're on my page ! Adoptable Redesigns ( seen above ) - OTA Starting at $10 Mystery...
  13. mithandir91

    A Question about Adoptables and image Rights

    Adoptions are a process where you, technically, buy the rights of a character's desing, right? Is possible to create a character design in a Open license/creative common where people are free to use then? If so, Is there any project like that? I'll be aiming to create a project where...
  14. vampyric

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: flatsale anthro adopts [$10-$40 USD] + NEW base packs [USD/points]

    hiya, i've got some cute designs up for grabs! cute is my speciality! >:3c i will take paypall, cashapp, or venmo for any of these! ~ flatsale: (FA submission) fluffy cows! all still open, $25 USD each! (FA submission) yandere gray fox girl - $40 USD (insert filler image here) (FA...
  15. pameloo

    (Commission) Selling: HQ Adopt Shop [~$30-80]

    #1 Cranky Alchemist OPEN #2 Ninja Cat CLOSED #3 Red Panda Warrior OPEN Set price $80 each 1. Fast-footed, he uses a slingshot to pelt people/prey with icicles and rocks. $40 or best offer 2. Not blessed with the quickest agility, he uses ice crystals in his gauntlet to slow enemies before...
  16. amberxla

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Kitten Adoptables! $5 + OTA Fox

    Please claim here: https://toyhou.se/~forums/13.adopti.....n-adopts-open- or here: https://www.deviantart.com/amberxla.....PEN--817047267 (I do not watch these forums well enough). $5 USD flatsale via paypal Comment here to claim. 1. Sold 2. Sold 3. OPEN 4. OPEN 5. OPEN 6. OPEN TOS: -You...
  17. olliecores

    Ollie's Commissions and Adopts (5$-27$)

    Thread for selling adopts and commissions! Payments will be made through Paypal Commissions info: Will do: -Humans -Animals/Furry -NSFW Will not do: -Mecha -Real people -Anything political NSFW commission info: -Will not do nsfw for minors -no nsfw of minors (even aged up...
  18. mwuf

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: selling 6 adopts, $5-15

    Since I've had no luck selling these adopts on FurAffinity whatsoever, I decided I'd try my luck here. I'd like to be free of them as I don't use them for much of anything, and I'd like to see them be appreciated and used more by other people if possible at all. - Blue axolotl-dragon, $10...
  19. RileySerenity

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Mega Adoptable Sale $20-$50 each

    www.furaffinity.net: REMINDER MANY ADOPTABLES AVAILABLE $20-30 by RileySerenity I am overstocked and highly doubt I'll use any of these designs, so PLEASE buy them if you can! Or if you know someone interested, let them know! I will invoice over paypal for payment, USD. You will receive a high...
  20. ThyBlackReaper

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Character Purge ! OPEN - $5-$130

    Purging adopts , OLD FURSONAS AND Characters, All HQ Designs LARGE OC/DEISGNS/ADOPTS SALE. GIVE ME YOUR OFFERS! NOT ON BASES! OFFER AWAY. I'm only reselling designs for the amount I purchased them for with added art in mind, or cheaper. And I can do a payment plan but you wont be able to use...