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  1. HikaruTheWolf

    Main Site No response from FA for Advertising E-mails

    Hello! Some time ago I decided I would try to advertise my FA Account with FA Add Banners, but when I wrote the email to the advertising Team I never got a response... Recently I tried again but still no luck. I wrote them the first mail the 26th of November, the second one the 1st of December...
  2. Rubberkitten

    Blocked a Dangerous Threat from FA ads

    I was streaming picarto, and uploading a drawing to FA, and i noticed my Bitdefender blocked an ad that tried to install something on my pc. This wouldnt be the first time either. Another incident when i was scrolling up my profile, and something was blocked again by my antivirus. I dont know...
  3. Rap Daniel

    Have you ever noticed that every law firm commercial has the same phone number sound?

    Every commercial for every law firm I've ever seen uses the same sound when they show you their phone number. What's that about?
  4. AwoDee

    Ads on fA

    THIS MIGHT SOUND ODD but genuinely fA is the only site I have adblock disabled on? The Ads are honestly??? really nice to see! They're always aesthetically pleasing, out of the way and don't throw off the balance overall in the CSS. I forget how they are in the original, considering that I use...
  5. D

    What is up with all the random ad threads?

    Why does everyone try to use this place like an ad banner?
  6. ruruscube

    Questions to artists who have used fA Advertisemnts

    Has it paid off? How long did you need to wait until it got approved? Did it bring you new watchers and/or commissioners? If so, do you recall how many? I'm thinking about reserving a 300x90 banner for either 1 or 6 months but I'm not sure if its worth it, so please share your experiences with it!