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adult content

  1. Lorel

    Main Site Mature tagging for fetish art?

    I've been wondering for a while why numerous types of fetish art are allowed outside the mature/NSFW FA view. I mean.. the very definition of SFW is "I could open the site at my workplace without getting into trouble". So shouldn't all fetish art then be at least mature? Hyper, fatfur...
  2. DariusTheLoony

    The Politically Correct World Of Darius

    Are you looking for a hot new take on cartoons? Are you looking for a new adventure just waiting to happen? Are you looking to see a brand new adventure story that you could only see in the movies like who framed Rodger rabbit or cool world? Then this is definitely the story that you have been...
  3. F

    Question on rating

    I plan on doing furry diving art. If a shark attacked, what would the rating be for the following scenarios? A: lost limbs. B: bit in half! C: shark bits. D: exposed ribcage (or other bones)
  4. M

    Free Art: Open for 4 free erotic requests!

    Hello! I'm monsterrtrash, and although I've been drawing for a very long time I only just recently began delving into the FA community and niche erotica community. I've created a commission website and am looking to make more examples for it before I open for them. I currently have 4 free...
  5. Lei-Lani

    [PAID] "The Depths" webcomic is seeking a pencil artist!

    The art efforts so far for the adult furry comic "The Depths" have been incredible, but I can't keep putting all this work on ONE artist. Penciling, sketching, colors, effects, in one week is VERY hard to ask one artist to do EVERY week. =( We need help. We need a really good pencil artist...
  6. W

    What is the distinction between mature and adult content?

    Okay, thanks so much for all the replies on my last post (forums.furaffinity.net: Can 13-year-olds view mature content? but someone closed before I could reply. Oh well. What I was going to reply: I'll be telling my sister all of things things, and hopefully she'll listen but she might not...