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  1. PPPerson

    Hello, designated hello area!

    Hey guys, whats good? Im new here, and to using forums in general- but I'm an artist looking to try my hand at adult/anthro content, and meeting other artists. Sort of shy lurk-more-than-engage person, but I wanna change that. Nice to meet you! Lets see.. I like D&D (obsessed with dark elves...
  2. ash♤Feliz

    castle ivory ( adult like DnD rp on discord )

    there is a legend of a castle that lays in a dark and hunted forest that is a home to terrible and terrifying beast's. the castle that that lies within in the forest, houses many kinds of monsters and other horrifying creatures that has terrify many villages and cites that has been left in ruins...

    Wanted: Partner for Kidnapping Roleplay (NSFW 18+)

    I have a RP scenario I've been wanting to do for a while now. In the story, my character (male, androgynous/feminine, reptile) is a rather disturbed individual who ends up kidnapping someone to use as a plaything; a social and sexual experiment. Yes, there will be sex, so this is strictly a...
  4. A

    NSFW Adult YCH Auction (Female or Male) - starts at $15

    Since this is a PG forum, I am not allowed to describe the contents of this YCH, so please follow the link yourself to see. NSFW warning - please do not view or bid if you are under 18! www.furaffinity.net: Blowjob YCH Auction - Open by Albinistic
  5. Orana

    RP via Discord (DMs and public)?

    I'm looking for anyone and everyone interested in sidling up with fellow RP furries. The requirements are simple: be 18 or older, join the group, be respectful. Some of us like group stuff, but others (shyer types) might prefer to keep it to DMs. We also encourage LGBTQ+ and all kinds of furries...
  6. UndyingSongArt

    [nsfw] YCH - Forest Loves [OPEN]

    Hello, everyone! I've posted another YCH with two characters. Please take a look and bid, if you'd like! Link: [nsfw] www.furaffinity.net: YCH - Forest Loves [OPEN] by UndyingSong Thank you for checking it out.
  7. Orana

    Discord furries? (ONLY 18 and older!)

    I’ve got a Discord group for anyone into the kinky stuff, but we’re lacking furry people! I’m doing my best, but my furry friends list goes only so far and we’d love to meet more frisky folks and start up new friendships and maybe find new playful mates! Please follow this link: Discord - Free...
  8. Battle Foxxo

    Seeking Femdom RP (+18)

    Hello! Just looking for anyone that can do a dominant female or females in a private RP. I prefer to RP on discord, my discord is Jerry#6994 i hope to hear from you soon!
  9. E

    STREAMING: The Virgin and The Apothecary

    In the middle of finishing a piece. if anyone wants to hang out here i am. Picarto.TV - EyeShadowPaints' Channel
  10. Miestro

    Looking For Strong Woman for Adult RP~

    Hi new member to the community, and looking for a strong woman to not really put me in my place but take control of me. Hoping to have this be a rather long and on going rp! Just message me and we can go from there loves~~
  11. RoseyTheCuteDragon

    Looking for someone to play as my sona's les mate

    So I'm looking for someone to rp with only as my sona's lesbian mate. I designed her for aesthetic mostly but now that I've made her into a real character I genuinely want someone to rp as her. If you're interested here's a few conditions 18+ only, I'm 19 irl. Semi Lit rp, detail, no one word...
  12. SquishySquahsy

    Silicone Sculptures (NSFW)

    Hi all! I have a few platinum-cured silicone sculptures available for sale with more on the way! Each sculpture is $60 + shipping. I accept payment via Paypal "goods and services" and currently only ship to the 50 US states (sorry international friends!). I offer tracked, 3-day shipping via...
  13. RoseyTheCuteDragon

    Looking for a literate story based roleplayer 18+

    Hey guys it's rosie here I'm looking for a long term roleplay partner I can become friends with. I prefer story based roleplay with a plot but I don't mind a bit of nsfw. I may have trouble coming up with a good starter since I'm new to furry rp but I'm open to most things so if you have an idea...
  14. JoeStrike

    +"Furry Nation" now on sale - with furs-only bonus offer!

    Furry Nation: The True Story of America's Most Misunderstood Subculture went on sale yesterday... and I have a furs-only bonus offer for people who buy it via one of the bookseller links at www.furrynation.com/buy-the-book page: (Books purchased directly from a bookseller not eligible.)
  15. Taloorali

    Prison Life RP (18+) -Guards Wanted!

    Story: (Edit: Hey! We could really use some people who are up for playing as prison guards. If you're interested, I'll send you the Discord link. We can discuss guidelines as a group, so don't worry. Everyone is welcome!) Steelwille Correctional Facility stands as one of the most notorious...
  16. theodrekr

    Adoptable Appy Unicorn Stallion High Detail NSFW $35

    NSFW: www.furaffinity.net: Adoptable Appy Unicorn Stallion by theodrekr Appy Unicorn stallion, changes permitted! He will be streamed as he is created from his sketch stage on.
  17. Jaxxette

    NSFW YCH (2 poses)

    2 Pose YCH Porn~! Innocent + Riding him <3 - YCH.Commishes Please follow the link above for the image preview and for the auction rules. As a clarification, your character can be any species, and will replace the bunny girl I've drawn. <3 (Note: I wish I could post a preview ;w; But the forum...
  18. F

    Yiffy "Master"

    Looking for people 18+ that interested in a basic slave/master thing via skype (kittlezkippy@gmail.com = Skype. Type that in a search and you'll find a guy named "Flex," with a little manned wolf display pic.) Don't mind absolutely anything, aside from age play. I am looking for dominant, master...
  19. Weylyn_Ausiroth

    Pokémon based rp

    This rp is an 18+ pokemon based within a server of the program discord. It's been falling a bit low on posting within the past few weeks and I'm hoping to pick it back up. To add a couple of things here, your fursona can be made into a trainer. I've also made it to where there's about ten...
  20. Angeluru

    Descriptive Ctf Roleplay? 18+ [Haters will be ignored]

    Is anyone willing to do a Ctf roleplay? I am not explaining it and will only accept one person who knows what it is, isn't sloppy on their description and is respectful. Minors will be rejected regardless, I will not be explaining this to anyone who does not know what it is.