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  1. sahar

    (NSFW) Free Adult Raffle for Ladies!

    Hey girls who like red panda guys! Enter to win a free naughty drawing! Just answer a few fun questions! (NSFW) www.furaffinity.net: Suckawah - FREE RAFFLE for Ladies by sahar (NSFW)
  2. Agandor

    Not new, just never been here.

    Heya, name's Andy and I've been around the fandom for a good few years, just never visited this forum much. I've got a job and play games with and without friends on my freetime, like tf2, total war warhammer, halo and so on. Two years ago now I wrote a couple of stories and posted them on my...
  3. J

    Fur's in my area

    Hello Everyone, Probably posting this in the wrong area but I'm new to this whole forum merlarckey. I'm from Rayleigh in Essex and I'm looking for furs in my area to meet up with. Long story short im dying to meet a nice female fur for some adult one on one time.
  4. UndyingSongArt

    [NSFW] YCH Collab Auction - Tempting [OPEN]

    Hi there, everyone! I've got a collab auction going with another artist. All species, genders and body types are welcome! The link is here: [NSFW] www.furaffinity.net: Your-Character-Here Collab Auction - Tempting [OPEN] by UndyingSong [NSFW] Thank you so much for taking a look !!
  5. S

    Question about adult content

    I have been making what would be considered "Adult" comics recently. Not "Adult" as in sexual, but as in it has bloody and violent scenes. I want to know if I would get in trouble putting that on the internet due to it's "Adultiness". Would I or Would I not?
  6. vola_vin_arus

    adult furry dating sim "Kemono Academy"

    Hello all! I'm Vola and I'm here to share with you all today my upcoming game project called Kemono Academy, Which is a furry dating sim being made within the ren'py engine. The game features visual novel like dialog for events as you build your relationship levels with the girls. The game has...
  7. UndyingSongArt

    [NSFW] ADULT YCH "Taken For A Spin"

    [NSFW] www.furaffinity.net: NSFW YCH Collab Auction - Taken For A Spin [OPEN] by UndyingSong [NSFW] Auction ends this Sunday, 6PM EST ! All body types, genders and species welcome! Anatomy will be re-drawn to the winners' specification. Just no wings please, they won't fit this time. ^^; Thanks...
  8. I

    How Can A NSFW Artist Protect Themselves?

    I'm really sorry if this is in the completely wrong forum' but I was wondering how an artist producing pornography or sexual material can protect themselves? Also if you do sell porn,'how do you make sure the client isn't a minor? Do you demand proof of age or identity? If so, what is accepted...
  9. Reyn_Puppy

    Caves and Critters - Ongoing Furry Fantasy Comic (18+)

    Had a look to see if anyone had already linked this in here and I couldn't find anything so, here we go! Self-plug ahoy! :3 Userpage of cavesandcritters -- Fur Affinity [dot] net - Main account page, Gallery is purely comic pages and a chapter quick-nav is in the profile info at the top...
  10. UndyingSongArt

    [NSFW] "Couch Fun" YCH auction !!

    Would love to turn this adult WIP into a fully completed image for the winner(s)! -> www.furaffinity.net: [ADULT Auction] Your-Characters-Here Couch Fun~! by UndyingSong Please take a look! Thank you. :D
  11. C

    Bug/Site Problem: Mature/Adult Bugged Out

    I've sent numerous tickets on FA and frankly I'm a bit appalled at the time it takes to respond to a rather urgent problem. I have tried everything from resetting the password, changing to general and back to nsfw, took care of writing my password in properly, and still I can't click and see...
  12. sirfluffytail

    Looking for an adult oriented plush maker.

    A friend of mine pointed me to this forum since it has been rather hard to find a plush maker that dabbles in adult plushies. I am looking to get a quote so I know how much I am going to need and to discuss a commission of said plushie. I am looking for someone willing to do a 3.5 feet to 4.5...
  13. R

    NSFW Illust / YCH Auctions / Adoptables

    All links provided are NSFW. Please view with caution. You must be 18 years or older to view and purchase from me. FurAffinity Profile pixiv | hentai-foundry | tumblr Hello, I am rei39. I provide NSFW-only commissions, adoptables and YCH auctions. I draw any species/body...
  14. Ivorytigress

    Ark Survival Evolved Furry Server!

    Welcome to the Diamond Dogs Exploration Team! We are a new server perfect for players looking for a rewarding challenge. You're guaranteed to find yourself a fun environment, friendly conversation, and challenging atmosphere. We have many fun mods and even a TeamSpeak server to enhance your...
  15. Nacht.Wolf

    Color NSFW pin up auction.

    Auction here - www.furaffinity.net: Adult YCH auction - Come Join Me!! [OPEN] by Nacht.Wolf (NSFW!!!!!) Place your bids on the proper comment on the submission unless you do not have an FA account. ~~~~ Rules ~~~~ Do not bid if you can't afford it. Please don't hide bids/comments Place bids on...
  16. cdog575

    Looking for artist to draw adult scene

    Hello everyone. I wanted a picture of my friend and I drawn together in an adult scene. Looking to see how much someone would be willing to do this for. Im new to this and not really sure how to approach this.
  17. M

    Adult Filter?

    There's a rule ( Keep the Forums Friendly Keep the forums friendly and open to everyone by keeping your posts to a PG-13 rating. ) But normally i don't think this get's followed. A filter could be added and (Depending on user's choice) they could classify it as child-friendly OR adult. This...
  18. UndyingSongArt

    NSFW/ADULT YCH 3 char auction!

    www.furaffinity.net: ADULT YCH Auction - 3 Chars! by UndyingSong Please take a look! :3 Thank you !!