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  1. WulfeVanDerKross

    New Anthro-Fantasy Novel: The Saga of Fidonhaal - Daughters of the East

    Hello, everyone! :) The name's Lucas, but I go by Wulfe Van Der Kross on here, and most other places on the internet in which I've set up a little nook. I just wanted to swing by here and say that, with it having been roughly half of my life in the making, my debut anthro-fantasy-adventure...
  2. WulfeVanDerKross

    New Anthro-Fantasy Novel: The Saga of Fidonhaal - Daughters of the East

    Greetings, one and all. :) The name's Lucas, but I go by Wulfe Van Der Kross on here, and most other places on the internet in which I've set up a little nook. I just wanted to pop on here and say that, after being roughly half of my life in the making, my debut anthro-fantasy-adventure novel...
  3. CYSYS8993

    Sketchbook: I'm working on an action/adventure webcomic

    The comic is called "Critter Fighters" and it's especially recommended to those who grew up with Sonic (like I have) or have rabbits as their favorite animal. Check it out in my FA gallery. Or in my DeviantArt. PS it's on Tapas too
  4. MountainPup

    Looking for a couple awesome furs to join our Colorado Pack!

    Hia! So as the headline says, my partner Arlo and I are looking for a couple of fun, responsible & adventurous furs to join our pack in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. For the right furs, this is an awesome opportunity! We want to start a small pack, and it’s kind of a package deal if...
  5. Raineyangel81

    Hiring: DnD character based adventure [Closed]

    Hello, I would like an adventure picture done of my DnD party as well as a separate picture of my character. Aside from the characters themselves, the artist will have complete artistic freedom as to the details of the adventure and content. I'm looking for a main picture with 4-5 characters...
  6. Bluefiremark II

    Open for some roleplays

    Hey all, I'm finally in a comfortable position in life to decide that I'd be willing to do some roleplaying again, be it adventurous, slice of life, or kinky- my main interest in that being macro, growth paw, no size limits, bigger the better.. Feel free to note me here, On FA or add me on...
  7. BabiNani

    Magical Draw Adventure!

    I'll start off with a drawing and others can join in with prompts that will continue the adventure. You can take it as seriously or as ridiculously as you like. You may also include your own drawing responses if you feel like it, otherwise I don't mind that responsibility. Including yourself...
  8. BrunoMax895

    Looking for a writer for a possible motion comic on YouTube

    Hello there, everyone. My name's Jared and I've always wanted to have an animation channel on YouTube. At the moment, I just finished the pilot episode for my animated comedy series, V.I.P. Very Important Pup and had it upload to my channel. Here's a link to it if anyone is interested: Anyway...
  9. R


  10. S

    LF Sci-fi 1x1 over Discord or PMs

    Exactly what it says, folks! I'm mainly interested in themes like galactic bounty hunters or pirates floating around space to have adventures and such. Any species with any kind of power is allowed, but don't exaggerate it and go OP. No smut or cringy stuff, but no further requirements I...
  11. GrimnCoyote

    TheThirdLight [Season 1, Open]

    The Plot Alkatran, a planet where both organic and machine like matter make up the planet. Our journey starts on the brink of war between the kingdoms of Triptomus and Acrios. Acrios's power hungry leader Siless wishes to take over the rival kingdom to strengthen his iron grip over the land...
  12. Bluefiremark II

    Request: Art for my Sona

    Seeing that i have no art of my Sona, ~~and i really want some~~ I've finally decided to make this. So, I'll give some basic information on him, and you can freely ask below or in DMs for more information if you'd like. I do not have money online currently, but I'm trying to get some. So if you...
  13. Bluefiremark II

    Just want to rp~

    I'm in the mood for rps recently again, so if you want to messags me here, discord (bluefiremarkII#2898), or elsewhere, you may do so or ask me questions down below. If i had an rp going in the past that stopped, and you'd like to continue, that's fine too and you can remind me what rp you had...
  14. ZenostheHunter

    Nsfw/sfw(adventure, takeover, or galatic) rping.Flexible to anything and kinks.

    Anyone here wanna rp with my male OC? I’m pretty flexible to many things unless it’s very comfusing. Also if Nsfw rping. Let me know your kinks and stuff so we can have a restriction to not be uncomfortable. You can pm me or we can make a private server on discord or skye.
  15. 00099988drak

    Looking for RP on FA

    I'm looking for who want to RP with me and my ocs. I do comedy and adventure. I'd like to also time travel. I may do NSFW but only with a female and your oc is also female. If interest let me know. I will only do RP on FA with notes.
  16. Devo Waterfowl

    Devo The Duck (Chapters)

    With so much going on with cartoons without that old school feelings of slapstick humor or the fact that people are too scared to talk about the real stuff that is going on in the world then it went to this one character to change the ties and bring the 30's back. Each chapter of Devo The Duck...
  17. Bluefiremark II

    Lookin rp, open to many things

    Hello! As the title says, I'm looking for people to roleplay with! What type you ask? Well, let me list a few. I am looking for people to do growth, paw, adventure, slice of life, etc. If you'd like to do Nsfw, or something else i might be willing to try, just ask me about it. Pretty much...
  18. CardielYFiccion

    Far From A Kingdom - New Webcomic

    Hi everyone! I´m glad to share with you my new webcomic "Far From A Kingdom", a story about a young fox who wants to become a knight, it´s a medieval type story of friendship and adventure. www.theduckwebcomics.com: Far From A Kingdom on The Duck : Page Duties, part 4
  19. T

    Is there anyone that plays as Rocket Racoon?

    I think itd be fun to have a scenario where rocket goes to a planet and finds a Roman style person there and takes him on action filled space adventures, as you do. so if you would like to play as Rocket Raccoon in something then this could be great fun! Im open for a lot of things that could...
  20. BeautifulBasil

    Delete me

    Hello Traveler! I am who hopes to be your Future DM! I am looking for a few people either familiar or new to Dungeons and Dragons and can be active enough to make a post at least once every other day. I'm looking for players who are looking to create unique characters with...