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  1. HikaruTheWolf

    Main Site No response from FA for Advertising E-mails

    Hello! Some time ago I decided I would try to advertise my FA Account with FA Add Banners, but when I wrote the email to the advertising Team I never got a response... Recently I tried again but still no luck. I wrote them the first mail the 26th of November, the second one the 1st of December...
  2. TayMalerei


    It's October, that means it's the season of spooks! Are your OCs wearing fun costumes? Have some new monster designs? Trying to sell some spooky ooky adopts? Posts em here I want the SPOOKY aesthetic !!
  3. Bluefiremark II

    Request: Art for my Sona

    Seeing that i have no art of my Sona, ~~and i really want some~~ I've finally decided to make this. So, I'll give some basic information on him, and you can freely ask below or in DMs for more information if you'd like. I do not have money online currently, but I'm trying to get some. So if you...