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  1. Shiveneve

    Ads still visible with FA+

    Maybe I'm just blind but I can't find an option to turn off ads with FA+. As near as I can tell I still see the same number of ads as before?
  2. SystemSearcher

    How to shill yourself?

    Just for clarification: I am not asking about the best ways to become popular. I've trudged through many a thread and discussion on that topic, and it is increasinly obvious that the only real way to do so is to just keep on trudging. No, my question is more specific: what is the best, least...
  3. HikaruTheWolf

    Main Site No response from FA for Advertising E-mails

    Hello! Some time ago I decided I would try to advertise my FA Account with FA Add Banners, but when I wrote the email to the advertising Team I never got a response... Recently I tried again but still no luck. I wrote them the first mail the 26th of November, the second one the 1st of December...
  4. Bluetashi

    No reply after sending payment for my ad

    It started out with me not getting a response via email in about a week but then I contacted Dragoneer on Twitter about it and got an email response right after. I sent the payment like an hour after recieving the response email, told them via email that I had paid and let Dragoneer know that I...

    No Response on Ad for Over a Week :(

    I sent an e-mail about placing an ad 10 days ago and I've yet to receive a response. maybe you didn’t see the message or forgot to reply? I've sent an email to advertising [at] furaffinity.net my friends advised me to send letters again, but that didn’t help. I've sent 4!! messages! 25.05...
  6. UwUCarlaUwU

    Where can i Advertise my Youtube Channel?

    is there a specific place where i can advertise it or no?
  7. MoiYablochki

    Need help: advertising on FA

    Hey, I sent an email with my ad as a GIF on March 3, they didn’t answer me for a week. After that, on Tuesday, March 11th, I tweeted Dragoneer. After I received the answer by email >Just confirming that your ad is up. But I didn’t receive the PayPal email, to which I had to send the payment...
  8. Awoos the Plush

    Share your Telegram groups

    Use this thread to share your Telegram groups and channels. Also don't forget to write what the group or channel is for.
  9. SLCMedia

    Answering Art Business Questions

    Hey there! I'm Timeenforceranubis (Userpage of Timeenforceranubis -- Fur Affinity [dot] net). I run She's Lost Control Media (Userpage of SLCMedia -- Fur Affinity [dot] net), which is a small business planning consultancy for fandom artists. What that means is I help artists in fandom spaces...
  10. D

    Trying to reach out to some new people, donate a view to a small channel? :'c

    To get to the point sooner than later, I've been streaming and later on uploading videos to YouTube where I play through some varied games or just oldies from around when I grew up(Not super retro). I do it mostly for fun, and when I get the time and energy, but I have ambitions to continue to...
  11. ReeseCapeesh

    Multiple good places to post YCH/Commissions?

    Ive made 2 YCHs so far. one is SFW, and the other NSFW. Ive only posted it on FA so far. should i only have it on one site or multiple? which sites? and if i should post on multiple platforms, how do i manage them all? I want to do sales and discounts. :) thanks.
  12. Shadowprints

    Best way to promote FurAffinity page?

    What would you say is an effective way to grow the Furaffinity pages? Out of all the art I've posted, I've managed to gain a whole 5 watchers in total. I don't expect hundreds or thousands, but I feel like I could do something to get myself out there a little more, at the same time motiviating...
  13. H

    Advertising on Fur affinity

    Has anyone bought advertising for Fur affinity? Does it really work well? How many people went to your profile and signed up after that? Sorry for my English.
  14. DivinePrince

    We have a chance to advertise HARD. Let's do it!

    We ALL know at this point about tumblr's major upheaval - the banning of ALL NSFW content starting on the 17ths. This has displaced THOUSANDS of NSFW artists and artists who just want that freedom. Not just furry artists, but ALL artists are in a need for a place to post their work, and I...
  15. N

    spam/scam ads

    Anyone else seeing this sort of thing? I’m getting a lot of misleading ads. The kind that pretend your device is infected.... etc. I have some screenshots but i’m Using my phone so I can’t upload them right now. Also seeing massive junk ads at the bottom of some pages. Not what I normally...
  16. w0rks

    switch advertising on Fur Affinity ?

    Hi There! How does this actually work with advertising on Fur Affinity ? How much does this cost ? Where do I have to contact ? I'm working on a 3D furry adult game that I want to release next year LG w0rks
  17. AlphaGodith

    what constitutes 'spam' these days?

    a while back i had on my profile that i offered discounted commissions for folks that would help advertise my work, and i did raffles where you would have to create a journal advertising the raffle in order to be entered. i was told that these things counted as spam because part of the no-spam...
  18. H


  19. TikTikKobold


    Hey there. Who here has advertised via furaffinity recently? How long did it take for you to get a response? Were you satisfied with the influx of people who visited your page? I'm thinking about getting advertisement for my page, but it's been a few weeks with no response via email. I was...
  20. Umai Kitsune

    What's a good way to promote your commissions/adopts on FA without using ads?

    Hello ! I'm new to FA still and being a commission artist in general , and recently started making my own bases and such ,but I still don't know where/how to network my wares without spending money on ads ,which I can't do simply because I need the money for other reasons so I can't afford to...