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  1. Rooooox

    Get your Sona drawn with a cute skunk dude

    www.furaffinity.net: Low Priced Jimmy Commissions are Open -- Rooooox's Journal For cheap right now I'm taking commissions of my character Jimmy with Sonas, OCs, and any character you can think of!
  2. Ddestro

    ABDL/Fetish Comic!

    Hello everyone! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see and share fellow anthro Artists work! I Myself (Dayah) Have started and am working on a webcomic called night delights!!! www.furaffinity.net: Night Delights Chapter 1 Page 1 by DDestro This is my first ever time ever working with digital srt, so some...
  3. ruruscube

    Questions to artists who have used fA Advertisemnts

    Has it paid off? How long did you need to wait until it got approved? Did it bring you new watchers and/or commissioners? If so, do you recall how many? I'm thinking about reserving a 300x90 banner for either 1 or 6 months but I'm not sure if its worth it, so please share your experiences with it!
  4. estiniens

    Flawed Self-Advertisement (AKA, You're Just Begging)

    I might not be the greatest example of a person who advertises themselves. Or really of even an artist in general. And especially of someone in the furry community - I've been on this forum for, what, a week? Less? Yet, I've still noticed an odd trend in the art channel, in terms of people...
  5. Asatrua

    No e-mail response about advertisement

    I sent e-mail about advertisement 5 days ago and still no answer =\
  6. I

    Best Times To Post?

    I have experienced, in the past, that there is usually a certain time or day that you should post at in order to increase traffic. For FaceBook advertising, it's usually from Noon-5 EST on Thurs/Friday and Weekends, but especially Friday for most common PayDay stuff. What's the best time to post...
  7. SodaBubbles

    Comm Slots Available!

    PRICES: www.furaffinity.net: Price Sheet by sodabubbles JOURNAL: COMMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN -- sodabubbles' Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net This artist draws everything! -Elephants -Humans -Dragons -Cybernetics -Bloody gore -Canines -Humor -Felines -Multiheaded Critters -Character design -and...
  8. Vince_Werewolf

    Undertale Online Orchestra

    Greetings, furs! (and non-furs?): Is advertising fine here? Yeah, no? I'mma do it anyways... Undertale Online Orchestra! We are a yet developing orchestra who may (or may not be, like yours truly here) fans of Undertale, who wants to be part of something bigger and play the soundtracks of...
  9. jukajo

    Banner extension due to downtime?

    Hello, Do the people who had banners up during the downtime get expansions on their banner's runtime? Not only was the site not reachable at all for some time and the banner therefore not displayed, but also watches from several days before were lost due to the 'reset'. If I read that...
  10. supersonicbros23

    Types of commercial advertisements on FA

    First off, I'm not talking about the ads that artists rent space for, I mean the 1 or 2 slots per page for external-source ads. Been getting one of those ads that pop up at the bottom of the screen, usually advertising AT&T or something similar. I never used to get them until after the whole...
  11. K

    Advertising help

    Hello! I wrote to email(advertising@furaffinity.net) 2 april 2016 with banner.gif. They reply (after week!) 8 april what all is ok and send paypal adress. I pay and sent to email again. Passed one more week. Is informasion "2-3days" on FA Advertising -- Fur Affinity [dot] net here is wrong...