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  1. Sadachar Silvermane

    Seeking advice from people with more experience!

    So I'm kinda new to the whole art thing still. I practically started drawing in the beginning of this year, but now I'm interested in sharing my art. That's why I joined Fur Affinity! So the thing I need advice with is this: I created my FA account with a different name than what I usually use...
  2. Anfani

    I need some serious advice

    Aloha people! I am not sure where to ask about this, so I will just try it here and hope for the best: I need some serious advice in regards of my art and the exposure it gets. I dont really gain a lot of liking, usually when I post stuff on FA I get like... 3-5 Favourites and usually no...
  3. E

    Need Advice

    I’m new to this community. I’ve known of and wanted to join the Furry community for a long time, but don’t really know how to get involved. I have t developed a real solid Fursona yet...but I do draw Furry art and have just really admired this community’s passion and openness for years. I don’t...
  4. TaWumpas

    New here, found out my GF is a Furry and I wish to understand.

    About a week ago I found out that my girlfriend is a furry. Honestly, I wish I had initially handled it better. I reacted with shock and was honestly a little put off because I didn't really understand. But now I wish to understand it and perhaps come to appreciate it. Perhaps with the help of...
  5. Vultark

    Starting out as an NSFW artist. Wondering what my best strategy is. Any help? (With a few questions)

    Started an account a couple days ago after reading up on money made from artwork within the fanbase. It sounds sleezy but I'm in need of funds and know this is something that I can do and also fit time in with my personal life. I'm comfortable drawing anything except underage stuff and figured...
  6. Boka_roo21

    New to fandom, help!!

    Hello all!! Im 21, have been into furry/anthro art for as long as I can remember but have never actually done anything about it.... I have never met or even spoken to another furry, and only my closest friend knows that I like anthro art. Yesterday I’d never even drawn anything furry, But I...