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advice please

  1. C

    How to engage deeper with the fandom in spite of social anxiety?

    I've been a part of the fandom for about 6 years now and while I don't mind being a spectator it gets a little lonely not having furry friends. I can deal with posting on forums like this or furry subreddits but I have difficulty handling VRChat and Discord and other, more direct groupings...
  2. Sadachar Silvermane

    Seeking advice from people with more experience!

    So I'm kinda new to the whole art thing still. I practically started drawing in the beginning of this year, but now I'm interested in sharing my art. That's why I joined Fur Affinity! So the thing I need advice with is this: I created my FA account with a different name than what I usually use...
  3. Anfani

    I need some serious advice

    Aloha people! I am not sure where to ask about this, so I will just try it here and hope for the best: I need some serious advice in regards of my art and the exposure it gets. I dont really gain a lot of liking, usually when I post stuff on FA I get like... 3-5 Favourites and usually no...
  4. Wolvinof

    Need Advice on A Good Response to a Requester

    So I'm in the middle of doing a multi-piece request for someone. However, they have a habit of changing their mind on things - something they acknowledged themselves - and they've already done it a few times, to the point where I was already halfway through one piece before they wanted something...
  5. Redo30

    Where the best place to sell your commissions?

    Hello! (I hope this all sounds okay I'm new to forms uwu) I'm a freelance artist and I'm trying to sell my art. I wanted to see where other artists sell their commission or where commissioners fine artists to commission? I'm pretty confident with my prices and work but I've been doubting it...
  6. icedesre

    How do I make my art more compelling?

    Just asking for advice here because this has been bothering me for a while and I needed to talk about it with someone. I feel like I have a decent grasp at art, but I still have this sensation that I lack something. Would anyone be willing to help me out? You can be brutaly honest, I want to...
  7. F

    Tutorial: Help with commissions

    I'm still fairly new to the art world. I plan to start accepting commissions when I get more skilled, and get access to a PC and art apps. I want to know more because I know nothing about commissions except that they can make you good money based on your skills in art.
  8. D

    Fursuit Reference Sheet

    Hello! I plan to get a fursuit soon very soon since a creator I'm watching will be opening in January. However, my reference sheet that I'm getting completed at the moment might not be suitable. Any makers or fursuit owners have input on if this artyle will be acceptable? Example of how my ref...
  9. ShadetheRedWolf

    How to build followers/views? Nsfw artist

    Hi everyone. Might not get many responses or any to this, that's okay. I was just wondering on how getting seen as an artist works in general in the community. I've been on FA for about 9 months now and have a half dozen followers (which I consider a good start tbh). I was just wondering if im...
  10. F

    Building up my FA

    Hello guys Not sure if this is the correct area of the forum to ask this, if not pls move the thread. So I am planning to use FA as my main site to publish art stuff since instagram is pretty dumb and the algorithm is fucked. Yea so any advice how to build up like my FA site? No needs better...
  11. bluezcherry

    trying to start a patreon

    I've had the page for a while, but with the freak out about Patreon going to subscription for creators, I'm wanting to make it a viable page. I'm not sure how to get patrons, besides I guess mentioning it in more of my posts? The current version is here. I suppose I'm looking for advice from...
  12. M

    Ways to Verify a Commissioner is 18+?

    Sorry in advance if this has been discussed before. I couldn't find any threads in which it was. Hi all. So, cutting to the chase, I've never had to verify the age of a commissioner. All of my NSFW commissioners have been close friends or acquaintances that I can confidently know the age of...
  13. Doodle Bunny

    How do I advertise an art stream?

    I just got into the world of art streaming and don’t know how to let people know when I’m streaming. Any advice is welcome.
  14. Asher Grey

    Got a new(used) laptop...

    Just wondering what you folks do when you first get a pc? I'm currently updating windows and deleting bloatware. Any programs you recommend deleting or replacing? Definitely finding a McAfee alternative as soon as this updates.
  15. D

    I need some break up advice

    so my gf just broke with me and she won’t say why. Any advice to move on? First break up need some good words.
  16. AwoDee

    Suggestions on How Much to Save Up?

    Hey there! Was looking to potentially go to a convention or two in '19 or '20, so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how much to save up. Was already looking @ 500$ as bare minimum, considering transportation, food stuffs and cost of badge n hotel room. Wouldn't be surprised if the...