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  1. Just_A_Tundra

    I feel like I have an issue...(RP Topic)

    So, I used to RP all the time in the past. I have done all sorts of situations, and have had very little trouble in starting a whole thing happening. I used to do RP like crazy, and have had a lot of fun doing it. Granted, my character was pretty much female most of the time. have built entire...
  2. R

    Tips to help me improve and get commissioned

    Greetings, I don't know where exactly to post this and apologies if it's the wrong forum, but I'm wondering why, despite thousands of views on some of my images and (imo) passable drawing skill, I have yet to get a person to commission me. I would really like to make some money off of my...
  3. RememberTheBeginning

    What should I draw?

    Hello, I am stuck. I really like alien art and see myself more as an alien than an actual animal. However, I draw animals in my gallery because I feel like that reaches a bigger audience. What gets favorites on my gallery, though, is pretty random. Sometimes fan art does well. Sometimes it...
  4. T

    New and a little lost

    Helloooo, I'm teddy. I'm brand brand new to the community and i'm not sure where to start really? I wanna join discord servers and online groups but dont know where to begin. I'm not experienced with roleplay with strangers so wondering if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! :3...
  5. TyraWadman

    Insulation Tips and Tricks

    I just got the bill for power the other day and I was alarmed to see almost $400. It did include the time I had my family over, but they were only there for one week. The washer, dryer and dishwasher was being used daily, and for whatever reason they cranked all the heat dials up, so it's...
  6. linnea.aura

    What are the FurAffinity algorithms for artwork promotion?

    Hello, everybody! I'm a new one here, but I was a furry person for a couple of years, I drew something, but was really afraid of publish it. Time to change that! I checked out a lot of galleries of different talented artists to understand how their artworks gets their favs, but... I can't find...
  7. Anfani

    I need some serious advice

    Aloha people! I am not sure where to ask about this, so I will just try it here and hope for the best: I need some serious advice in regards of my art and the exposure it gets. I dont really gain a lot of liking, usually when I post stuff on FA I get like... 3-5 Favourites and usually no...
  8. BadRoy

    My #1 Tip for Aspiring Artists

    Just published this as a journal but I thought I'd put it here too. Disclaimer: I'm no pro and I didn't go to art school. I'm just an observant hack doing his best and who wants you to do your best. If I could go back in time and tell NoobRoy one thing it would be this: Sketch more "Well no...
  9. HarpyFeather

    Driving Tips for someone with severe ADHD and Anxiety?

    This might be weird, but it's been on my mind recently, and I don't want to use this site just for advertising. But, driving is something I have always fumbled, I have crippling ADHD, and my meds I am on now for the most part do their job though it is still a little hard for me to focus. I...
  10. Wolvinof

    Need Advice on A Good Response to a Requester

    So I'm in the middle of doing a multi-piece request for someone. However, they have a habit of changing their mind on things - something they acknowledged themselves - and they've already done it a few times, to the point where I was already halfway through one piece before they wanted something...
  11. MoonlitEsau

    Critique: My Bloodborne inspired character: Criticism, opinions?

    Hi, so i'm not really into creating characters, fursonas and whatever else, but i made a few drawings based around my Bloodborne character: I made him a cross fox, but I might change that, dunno. What do you think I did right, and where should I focus on improving?
  12. NekkoUwU

    I need a little tips

    Hi, ;) . I dont really know how to proceed, when i post en image on FA . I would like to post a link too where it is possible to access the high resolution. But i dont have any idea of how to proceed, like which site I should use . in which image format (Png, jpeg ?) . What do you...
  13. sausy1

    Any tips on writing this specific type of TF?

    I would like to write a simple TF story where a teenage boy grows a really large dragon tail and a few minor draconic features on top. Something like this: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/8562855/ Do you have any tips for writing this specific TF? This would be my first TF story, so tips would...
  14. sausy1

    Tips on writing TF Outlines

    I know that when writing a transformation story, the first thing you should do is outline how the transformation progresses over time. I've never written a completed TF outline, so do you have any tips?
  15. toepads

    Where do you get commissions?

    Long time artist, first time opening commissions. I'm finding it hard to advertise myself, I was curious what websites ya'll find are the best for this? and how you promote yourselves? And any other advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  16. Klox

    Engagement on FA main site

    // EDIT PLEASE READ : It seems some people have misunderstood what im saying, sorry i wasnt clear ! I am not looking for advices to have more views or watchers. I am looking for advices to have more ENGAGEMENT & INTERACTION (comm, shout, chat, whatever) -like the title say. Of course, having...
  17. sausy1

    How to describe a slow transformation

    I would like to start writing TF stories, and I have an outline ready for one. It's a story where the transformation lasts several days and comes in stages. The stages are very slow and patient, but I can't seem to adequately describe it without it feeling rushed, bloated, or repetitive. So, how...
  18. thepawedpiper.arts

    Rodent paw pattern?

    I’m making my first suit which is a mouse partial and don’t know where to start with the paws. I want the fingers and largest paw pad (won’t include any on the fingers) to be pink fleece and use the base fur for the rest of it. I haven’t been able to find any rodent-specific patterns and my...
  19. B

    Making furry friends on Twitter?

    I'm thinking of making a furry Twitter account. After reading some articles on how to make friends on there, I'm under the impression that gaining attention isn't all about making posts; it's also engaging with/starting a discussion on other posts. I think I have that right. I don't care about...
  20. Glossolalia

    When doing comms/requests, what's your process for interpreting characters into your style?

    If the reference art is anything but super realistic, sometimes I find myself second guessing which changes are acceptable to make when translating it into my style (Is their snout canonically really tiny, or does that artist just happen to draw all snouts smaller than I do? I don't usually draw...