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  1. BedsheetWalking

    Auction Ending Tomorrow - NSFWish

    Hi im BedsheetWalking, You might know me from the bases I release to the community every Halloween (avalis like me?) , I was homeless for a while but im back online now! Ive been holding kinda-auctions for the last month and a half and I've been really enjoying doing them; they are really fun...
  2. kitterlings

    (Commission) Selling: (OPEN) Kitterlings' Cute Doodles ($10+)

    Deviantart | Twitter Discord: Jobie#8808 Prices in USD and based on the complexity of the character. Message/contact me to find out how much what you want would cost! Commission will be drawn with my sketchy/rough brush unless you request otherwise. You're free to add me and send me a message...
  3. AmeliaTheHolstein

    (Commission) Selling: I’ll draw your fursona in a chibi art style [$5]

    Hi, my name's Amelia. I would love to draw some chibi fursonas for you! Message me if you'd like a chibi drawing of your fursona, my rate is $5 a picture including coloring and cel-shading. <3 Link to my FA Gallery page: Userpage of AmeliaTheHolstein -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  4. Nyashia

    (Commission) Selling: Affordable HQ commissions ($11-$58)

    Hi! I'm opening up some commission slots to the public after a very long time. I hope to get some more attention here than I do on the main website: furaffinity.net/user/nyashia I recently updated my price list: https://www.shukuamachweo.eu/files/prices_2020.pdf It's in EUR, but it's roughly the...
  5. DuckyDeathly

    (Commission) Selling: *Cartoony Commissions - Humans, Anthros, Monsters, More! * ~ [$15+ - $35+]

    Hi everyone! My name is Ducky and I would like to draw something for you! I'm able to draw humans, furries/anthros, monsters, fantasy creatures, and much more! Here are some examples of my work: You can check out more examples of my work on my FA page and DeviantArt. (My FA page includes...
  6. DuckyDeathly

    (Commission) Selling: ~ *Cartoony Commissions - Humans, Anthros, Monsters, More! * ~ (Updated Pricing!) [$15+ - $35+]

    Hi everyone! My name is Ducky and I would like to draw something for you! I've recently updated my commission prices so I wanted to create an up-to-date post to reflect said updates! I'm able to draw humans, furries/anthros, monsters, fantasy creatures, and much more! Here are some examples of...
  7. ShortConcepts

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions OPEN, in time for the HOLIDAYS! [Starting at $50+]

    Hi there everyone! My next round of commissions are now open! I have information below for all types of commissions, and you can also read about each commission type HERE! I have 5 slots available for each commission piece. Looking to pick up a few more commissions to help with my medical...
  8. A

    (Commission) Selling: New to the scene, looking to build a portfolio! ($20-100)

    As the title says, I am trying to break into the furry art scene. This means that regarding this type of material, I do not have a portfolio. Therefore, I am willing to work cheap in exchange for art I can use to show others. I am comfortable with any kind of material. I would be happy to...
  9. DuckyDeathly

    (Commission) Selling: ~ * Cartoony Commissions (Human, Anthro, Monster, etc.) * ~ [$10+ - $25+]

    Hello everyone! My name is Ducky and I would like to draw something for you! I'm able to draw humans, furries/anthros, monsters/non-humans, and much more ~ My art style is primarily western/cartoony with a hint of anime influences. More details can be located within this DeviantArt journal, but...
  10. hemille

    (Commission) Selling: Cheap High Quality Semirealistic Commissions - from 5$ to 45$ - SFW, NSFW, Ref sheets, etc

    Userpage of hemille -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Any questions, send me an e-mail: larahemille@gmail.com Please, consider commissioning me! I'm really needing it to pay monthly bills! :)
  11. roido

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Moodboard Custom Adopts (OPEN 4/4)

    I need to raise some money so I can see my best friend! Put these together in hopes that'll happen These adopts are all going to be original drawings so no base :> which means there will be WIP sketches and a wait time Example of a finished adopt (www.furaffinity.net: Finished Custom by roido)...
  12. bringo-parrot

    (Commission) Selling: $45 Full-Body Character Commissions!

    Hi everybody! I'm currently offering my commissions for full-body character portraits at $45. They will be shaded and colored and NSFW and SFW are welcome. Here's some examples of my recent stuff! Please email me at goldenfawn123@gmail.com with a character reference and pose idea...
  13. thesevilesecrets

    (Commission) Selling: SFW & NSFW · Single/Multiple character, Refs, Painting [20-200$]

    YOU SHOULD KNOW! - I will only post the piece in my gallery with your permission - You may post the final image in your gallery, but be sure to include credit linking back to me! - Do not resell or repost my artwork -If I started finalizing your commission already, I won't refund you unless...
  14. strwbrylmnd

    Rummie's commissions!

    Rummie's Art Shop - - - Hello! Thank you so much for visiting! I've got some commission slots open! I've mostly used Furry Amino to get commissions, but I'm ready to branch out - this is why many of my links will redirect to Furry Amino! Styles I offer - - - Right now I offer icons, and...
  15. hemille

    Cheap High Quality Commissions starting at 5$!! I can draw anything you want (nsfw, creatures, etc)

    Any questions, please talk to me via notes, email (larahemille@gmail.com). You can also find me on insta: hemilleart
  16. bloodlive


    SO HEY I'm living in Japan now, but I got shaky income at best and it never hurts to make some more cash money on the side SO I am opening up All my sweet sweet commissions. Limited slots on EVERYTHING to start with, but if there's interest and if I don't drown in my studies, I'll open up more...
  17. TheZigmis

    ♦ New Artist has joined the arena! ♦ [2-20€+]

    Hello there! I was never big on introductions so I will just get to the point. You want some art and I got some to offer~ I have made plenty of samples on my page. Both SFW and NSFW. I don't have any DO's or DON'T's. I am willing to draw anything you're into. - - - Colored - - - Full body -...
  18. ownerofalonelyheart

    need a book cover 40$

    Greetings artists. I am a writer in possession of unusual OC's (original species) and I am looking for an open-minded artist to draw them for me. please note I need these covers for commercial use-covers on Amazon. My OC's are vehicle-inspired animal-people which is why I'd like to work with...
  19. Roonie

    $10 Bust Icons [Moving Promo]

    Hey! I'm briefly opening up icon commissions because in the next couple of weeks I am really going to kick myself into high gear getting ready to move overseas with my fiance! (From the USA to the UK) I'll do pretty much any sort of fursona, gender, etc, just make sure you have a fairly...
  20. bloodlive


    Due to several unexpected money sinks I am offering fully colored and shaded waist-up/half-body commission for a flat rate of only 20 USD instead of the usual 35-40! More details for the interested here Limited to 10 slots for now! If you're interested, please send me a note at FA or telegram...