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age regression

  1. Paintedfoxy

    NSFW MxM romance story with a femboi bunny ageplay

    Hello! I am looking to do a longer term RP involving my bunny kyro who just moved to a new city and is looking to meet someone. this will be a romance RP where my bunny will start off fairly masculine and over the course become more fem and involves ageplay that could include diapers. if you...
  2. Inkblooded

    seeking partner Extreme age regression RP (MalexFemale or MalexHerm)

    hello i am looking for a partner for extreme age regression, where my character will be age regress downwards until it becomes a fetus, and then you will unbirth it (by egg or womb it is your choice) and treat it as your son. obviously as this involves unbirthing your character must be either...