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  1. RafaleFlight

    Sketchbook: Raf's Sketches

    Those who've already met me know that I go on and on about how I'm not a good artist. Still, I'm hoping to improve if for no other reason than personal satisfaction, so I'll use this thread to post any of my sketches that I feel like posting. We'll start off with a little doodle I did...
  2. G

    Looking for some aviation/scenery based OC art

    If you're comfortable with drawing aircraft and scenery this one is probably for you. I was hoping to get a wallpaper image of my OCs in a Fairey Swordfish Floatplane with the wings folded, drifting through a fantasy style glow-worm/crystal cave. The plane has a couple of specific livery...
  3. Foxxorz

    :U wat

    Hullo :3 I have been lurking around the art site for years and years and years and never bothered to check out the forum. WELL now I'm here and am going to give my input on things I find relevant to my interests! These things include foxes, sci-fi shit, and appearing to be (while not actually...