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  1. LABS107

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: (Auction)Dullahan girl SB:45$ AB:100$

    Furaffinity Toyhouse post Retrofuturist Dullahan Starting bid: 45$ Min increase:5$ AB: 100$ Auction ends 24 hours after last bid. you can bid anonymously by DMs, twitter or instagram. by buying it you will get a 1200x2000 pic without the watermark and transparent my ToS...
  2. Rap Daniel

    Why no art of Grimalkians?

    I've never seen any fanart of these little deadly fluffballs, how come? https://archer.fandom.com/wiki/Grimalkians
  3. lizbeth490021

    The Anaether - weird adult scifi drama with some queer smut (non-furry)

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently working on the prototype chapter of my adult scifi drama graphic novel, "The Anaether." It's intended for adult audiences only. The first 20 pages have been released on the main website. You can check out the blog for updates and works and progress, and check out...
  4. MysticalSkittle

    Hiring: Character Design $5-300 Maybe more with complexity closed

    Looking for an artist to work with while I try and develop a new character. Must be comfortable with drawing feral bodies, different/weird anatomy, and possibly oviposition content Working on an alien species from scratch, likely to go through a few sketches just to get the main body shape...
  5. Faustus

    Art for new game - comments welcome

    I decided to try my hand at Unity, so I'm currently working on a (quite innovative, I think) match-3 style game for the *ahem* 'adult' market. I think I have a strong sci-fi concept, but I'm not the world's greatest artist so I welcome any comments, encouragement and suggestions anyone might...
  6. NicoTheAlien

    (Commission) Selling: ★Digital Art Commission {SFW & NSFW} 15$ - 50$ USD★

    Hey everyone! A new year, a new commission sheet! I'm Nico! a 24 years old artist/animator from Canada currently offering commissions! I mostly draw humans, anthros and aliens/ creatures! I have a couple of slots open in both category so if you are interested, feel free to look at what I can...
  7. Iflyte

    [Critique and general advice requested] The Metroid's Song (NSFW)

    Hi guys, as you can imagine, the story I've written takes place in the metroid universe and is also quite smutty, definitely NSFW and featuring a number of out of the ordinary kinks. www.furaffinity.net: The Metroid's Song by iflyte A Brief Description: The Metroid's song is a complete...
  8. WimexSeven

    Sketchbook: Wimex's Art Dumpster

    Making a permanent place to put all my furry art and sketches otherwise I'll be making a ton of new threads! Everytime I make a new piece, I'm just going to put it in a new post and not stretch out the OP. Please click on the spoilers to see each new image! One image per spoiler! Lol but to...
  9. Prismhawk

    18+ Sci-fi web comic

    I am writing a long form +18 Erotic Space-themed comic that updates on Wednesdays. It is full of sexy space shenanigans and exciting adventures Check it out here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/32837154/ or on Twitter
  10. F

    New "fursona" : Stella

    Heyo guys I've wanted to introduce you to one of my new main sonas. STELLA Okay so basically she is an astralin in its human form. She is 22 years in human years and 7 in astralin years. Astralins have a lifespan of 1000 years sooooo..... She is even an adult in astralin years. They mature...
  11. F

    Open species:Astralins

    Hello guys Doing a lil advertising for my species The astralins are officially released and free to make. The critters from planet planet prismodia are just waiting to be drawn. Coming in different colours,sizes and variations, there are no rules for creating one. Let your imagination go wild...
  12. F

    Open species: Astralins

    Heyo guys May I present to you my own created open species: the astralins. Basically they are smol (kinda magical) aliens. Took me so long to create this art piece,LOL. Might make a base. Species is still in work but only information wise. Information about them:www.furaffinity.net: Astralin...
  13. NicoTheAlien

    (Commission) Selling: ★Digital Art Commission {SFW & NSFW} 5$ - 60$ USD★

    Hey everyone! This is my first time posting here and I hope we can get along! I'm Nico! a 23 years old artist/animator from Canada currently offering commissions! I mostly draw human, anthros and aliens/ creatures! I have a couple of slots open in both category so if you are interested, feel...
  14. Relic000

    Looking for Aliens (Xenomorph) Themed Breeding Rp

    I am looking for Aliens (movie saga) themed Rp. This implies the nature of the RP will be mature in content and NSFW 9 times out of 10. I am mainly looking for folk interested in the canonical breeding cycle of the Xenomorph (Aliens), that being having a facehugger implant an embryo into a...
  15. T

    Alien abduction

    So i was thinking hey.. what if some alien grabbed a human and kept them around as a pet. Gets their own room / enclosure with "human tech" to keep occupied with. A good base with a lot to expand on. Interested in doing some alien abductions with some master pet play thrown in? hit me up!
  16. Daithi Aaron Radcliff

    Meet Daithi

    Name: Daithi Aaron Radcliff Age: 23 (With a 56 year old mind.) Sex: Male Species: Loboan Night Wolf Height: 5’9 Weight: 223 Ib {Appearance} - Hair and fur: Hair colour (Black and Blonde White hair with Green hairs.) Hairstyle ( Long jungle dread hair) Facial Hairstyle (Goatee with a light...
  17. H

    Help with identifying story series and/or author. :(

    series of (at least) 3 stories concerning a race of cat taurs that come to earth. Name of first story was something like "lost and found", but others I can't remember titles of. ALSO can't remember name of author. the series mentions a city/village named gills rock that the cat-taur's...
  18. Kellion

    Amber the Singarti Huntress (Space Werewolves) Art Contest

    Hello, i had start my next contest Deadline is 31.08.2018 23:59 a clock MST (August 31 2018) About Aber (female human) vs Singarti (Space, Cyborg werewolves) I still search prizes and support, each share is welcome. Prize Info: --------------------------- 1# Place...
  19. CaraSilvaArt

    Cara Does the Arts!

    I do all sorts of artwork. You name it.. I can probably draw it. :3 Here are a few pieces for an idea of what my art style looks like. I'm pretty easy to work with and I always keep in contact with my clients and show samples of each process and step I take in creating their art. I do both...
  20. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    webcomic -Knights Chronicles

    posting up my comic serise Knights chronicles a sci fi ,fantasy epic about a group of warriors created by an evil tyrant to destroy ,now fight to protect the Earth