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all are welcome

  1. leleliciouus

    (Commission) Selling: Open commission! SFW and NSWF 10$-15$

    10$!! per character (Half Body) 15$ (nsfw) only 10 slots!
  2. driftingdragon

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Romantic YCH Collaboration (SB:$60-AB:$300 )

    Hey everyone! We're doing a different type of Your Character Here Sale! This piece marked down by over HALF is currently bidding at $60 per slot! So come bid for your chance to win the HQ finished product, over hundreds of hours poured into this for sale! So be sure to check it out while it...
  3. Alex_Fox24

    Tribe of Force......Beware all take upon this request...

    -All participants must be 18+ or over- A tribe of those who want to live out their fantasies of acting on their nonconsensual desires...To capture their toys in the village and use them for sexual and lustful purposes even though their resistance...Behind one of the huts where they beg for your...
  4. Lighterium

    (Commission) Selling: Lighterium's Commissions [$15- +$35]

    CAN do Humans - Normal or fantasy humanoids Furries - Rarer furry species, ranging from all animal types. Ferals - Fantasy or realistic depending of animal. Terms of Service: www.furaffinity.net: Terms of service -- Lighterium's Journal Contact: - Note me at: Userpage of Lighterium --...
  5. Itsybigsy

    (Commission) Selling: Bigsy's art shop | digital paintings, sketches, and more! $5-50+ (open)

    I've been feeling the need lately to get some work done, so I figured I'd make a post! I will close the shop at around three orders for now -(open) -(open) -(open) I'm open to drawing pretty much anything, some things are merely outside my experience and may not be as polished looking. The...
  6. Spitfire110

    New all purpose Furry Discord Server!

    Hi I've just put the finishing touches on my new server. Its not 100% complete yet because i want to shape it to peoples liking, for maximum enjoyment. The Server is not very full right now but I assure you the few members already there are quite friendly. We are an all purpose server, so...
  7. C

    Looking to RP! (SFW or NSFW)

    I'm looking for some vore fun during my spare time. My schedule is erratic, so time I get to come online to RP will vary from day to day.
  8. Imaranx

    No fetish / kink limits! Commissions open!

    NO FETISH/KINK LIMITS!! I can draw anything you want! I can make 100% anonymous/private commissions! Prices are for a pic with one character and no background! Characters from two+ and background pays extra. ♥ Sketch ♥ 5 Euros + Background 5 Euros + Extra character 5 Euros + Comic page 5...
  9. LadyPandemonium

    New friends Chat :3

    I'm just here looking to make new friends :3 I'm Lady nice to meet yall! 22 female and I'm a Glammorice, a species of my own design. So to sum it all up I often get confused for a lioness or a dragon :3 so that's what I look like :3 anyways please come feel free to chat with me and make friends...
  10. S

    New Artist Makes Free Furry Art

    Well, I'm an artist for a while, and I want to make money out of the Furry Fandom. But ofcourse I need a port-folio regarding this subject. So i'm offering 1 piece of free art, to make 1 person happy with. I respect this fandom, and i'm willing to draw almost everything. Just ask, I don't judge...
  11. P

    What Has Been Your Experience as Someone Who Identifies as a Furry?

    Hello! My name is Amber and while I'm not a furry myself I do have a lot of friends in the community and I am actually doing a qualitative study about this! What I'm doing is something called a photovoice project. People take pictures and caption them with an answer to the prompt that is given...