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all kinks welcome

  1. countingtides

    (Commission) Selling: - Anything Goes Commission Sale! SFW/NSFW - Kink - Chibi - Ref Sheets - $15+

    Hi friends! I'm super new to forums (since they've returned) and thought I'd hop back on with a commission sale! I'm really in the mood to stretch my limits and delve into new stuff, so I'm opening up a sale for commissions wherein anything goes! I'm willing to draw anything (that doesn't...
  2. ditta_ragdoll

    Free Art: SINDAY SINDAY SINDAY (NSFW Giveaway thread)||all genders open|| Seriously tread with caution|| RESSURECTION!

    Heeeeeyoooo! It's The one and Only Tentacle Mom, comin at you from a brand spanking new computer! Getting used to the new screen ratio from tablet to big ass monitor has been a suffering, and I'm goddamn tired of drawing basic ass studies. After my old baby got fried. (Rest in Peace my...