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  1. Sinamuna

    Sin's AMA Thread

    Hi everyone. I hope you're all doing well! I've been wanting to host an AMA for a while now, but everytime I've done it in the past, I don't get much feedback. I'm hoping this thread might gain a bit of attention, at least! I'd love to answer your questions and open myself up to more possible...
  2. Magicka~

    Ask Me Anything~! ⭐

    Absolutely anything! A little risque? Sure, why not. oωo My "dragonsona" is fresh out of the page, and I need your help to create ✨ lore ✨ for my Q&A! So, ask away, fellas~ ◡ω◡ ~~
  3. Mambi

    AMA, becasue why not?

    <the cat smiles and props his head in his paws comfortably laying on the grass> Well, this could be fun so I thought I'd offer as well, so if anyone wants to hear a crazy Canadian cat's POV on pretty much anything, feel free to ask! I'm pretty much an open book, so as long as it follows the...
  4. Sappho_Cortez

    Ask me anything

    Rules are simple, ask me any question about me you want answered. I will answer you as beat I can. If you feel like being specific and want to ask a particular FORM of me, just know I exist as a... Immortal sorcerer A new god of knowledge and magic A vampire lord Or as a spirit. SERIOUS...
  5. D

    Ask Me Anything - 3 Year Edition

    Next month marks 3 years since I joined FAF. So I figured, I might as well post this. Feel free to ask me anything and I'll answer to the best of my ability. Cheers.
  6. Foxy Emy

    AYA: Ask Yourself Anything

    Ever asked yourself a question but never got a good answer from yourself? Yes... All the time! The rules are simple, answer the above sona's question AS IF you were them and ask your own. Since there is no poster for me, I will answer the ovid's question. Because I am gorgeous and make them...
  7. B

    [AMA] Oh Hecc It...

    I'm sure some of you have seen me around the forums and stuff... o3o Is there anything you'd be curious to know? Really, ask me anything! Edit: Yes I hopped on the bandwagon since I thirst for attention like I thirst for blood! Haha just kidding... Maybe...
  8. Bluefiremark II

    Go ahead... ask me anything.

    See how i respond.. Jokes aside.. ask me anything, can be random can be quotes can be serious, whatever~. It can even be about a specific character of mine rather than me irl.
  9. Niedlich the Folf

    Yet Another AMA

    Alright, since I've made like no threads and this is a trend rn and it looks fun so go ahead and ask away!
  10. FluffyShutterbug

    AMA #53

    I want to do an AMA, too!!! Ask this foxxo anything and I'll give you an answer!
  11. Renyard2001

    I'm bored, ask me anything - Reynard edition

    I'm bored as a derelict car sitting in a garage so if you have anything to ask, and I mean anything, feel free to post below. This does mean NSFW is allowed
  12. mangomango

    Ask me anything (and I will respond with bad art!)

    I apologize for burdening the forums with another one of these threads. But it sounds fun. Ask me (chee/snek) a question! I will respond with poor quality, sketchy art.
  13. D

    Ask a dragon anything

    Basically I want to join in on the fun and let other furries learn a thing or two about me.
  14. J

    AMA (Ask Me Anything) - JustAlex1997

    Since there's a bit of a trend going on, I decided to jump in. Ask me whatever semi-PG question you'd like.
  15. Fallowfox

    I'm a butt tender. Ass me anything.

    So for the ass rear or so I've been studying up on butts, and in the ass poo months I've been employed as a proctologist. It's a stinky business, FA's CoC rump-steaks it doesn't mind butt discussion, and shits a field that people might be curious a booty. So ass me anything. If you're curious...
  16. Arnak

    Ask me anything. Dragon wolf edition

    I may not be the most popular person here (many of you are thinking "who the heck is this dork") but I promise to answer anything you ask me. Just please keep it clean here. If your question is 18+, plz ask it in a private message. I am doing this as a way to help others know me and possibly...
  17. SashaBengal


    I’m bored, and will prolly regret this, but then again, prolly not many people here will know/remember me well enough to care so what the hey. Let’s do this thing. Ask me anything! *(I reserve the right to answer as either irl me or one of my sonas, or not at all)
  18. Guifrog

    AMA (mimicking edition)

    Ask a question as if someone else was asking it to you. The person below has to answer it in your place, based on what they think you (or your sona) would say; they may also mimic your behavior for added effect! It's alright if you don't know the user above you - the avatar alone, or even the...
  19. preludeincsharp

    let's give this a shot

    hey all! i'm new, but i'm hoping to expand my horizons and maybe share my art with you all. i haven't really done anthro art before, so i'm learning as i go. that being said, my style tends to lean towards the not so pretty (i just find it more interesting), and i know that isn't really...
  20. Skychickens

    LV - AMA

    In the middle of the forest lies a small cottage. Kudzu creeps over the sides, yet the stonework remains well intact. Nearby are some strange plants growing, various herbs and vegetables intermingled with flowers and diabolic looking ferns. There is a small creek flowing a short distance away...