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  1. I

    Parrot Uses Amazon Alexa to Order Groceries, Owner Surprised by Deliveries

    A parrot named 'Rocco' in the U.K rescued by Marion Wischnewski managed to use Alexa to order groceries over Amazon and have them delivered to Marion's home when she was at work. The owner of this feathered friend would find packages of strawberries, watermelon, raisins, and ice cream delivered...
  2. furwrite

    I'm 19 y/o Author who just released my first novelette!

    Hello everyone! I'm a 19-year-old author who just finished writing their very first Novelette. Sub Terra is the name of a city in the book. A city populated and ran by Anthropomorphic beings! It's diverse, massive, and on the brink of civil war. Only one man can save it. I don't want to spoil...
  3. Elf-cat

    I found a really good eBook, what's your opinion on it?

    I found a really good eBook called Quantum Effect: Homano the Warrior on Kindle and I found it to be very fast paced, full of action, original and unique in the way that it's written. It has explosions, demons, a big giant purple crystal and my favorite character is the dragon spirit. The flaws...
  4. K

    Seeking fight RP, looking for various types of opponents

    Hey there! My name is Kajm, You can find my OC bio here www.furaffinity.net: Kajm-Lizard by Kajm As you can see Kajm is a very powerful creature- but I will add here that because of his own mistake he experiences power fluctuations. While he is normally in the 65-ton lifting range, he can be...