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anatomy help

  1. FOX-POP

    Anatomy style choices: What's your?

    I found a topic on the FA forum, talking about anatomy and style... it was about "how much good should the anatomy be"... but it also made me think about how do we re-work over the human anatomy details for our own furry style! Any artist, for example, keeps a certain human-animal ratio...
  2. ennuietic

    (NSFW) Anatomy colouring help

    Hi everyone! I'd like some help regarding a piece I'm working on currently: I've only picked up working digitally again after about six years, so it's taken me a bit to get back into it, and I've been trying some new colouring techniques and for the most part it's been successful... but it...
  3. Blaab

    On the subject of anatomy as it relates to speech and language: Anatomically correct language.

    For some time I have had the idea of making a language for a fictional race of beings, however, I have wanted that language to not only be pleasing to the ears and be interesting, but also realistic as well. The major problem however with that is the fact that anatomy matters greatly...
  4. TomVaporeon

    Hi, could I get a redline or critique on this?

    I'm not entirely sure about the anatomy and such, especially on the lower half. I recently bought a wacom tablet thingy and drew some stuff. www.furaffinity.net: Fursona picture for Eurobeat Album Cover by TomVaporeon www.furaffinity.net: some kinda ref sheet or something by TomVaporeon Thanks...