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angel dragon

  1. Legbascrossroad

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Dutch Angel Dragon Egg Adopts| $5-$25

    Egg Adopts!! $5 gets you the egg and front view of your hatchling. If you like your hatchling you can choose to upgrade to a full reference sheet (Front, back, egg, mid-hatch, and Name/Likes/Dislikes) for another $7 ($12 total) or a full hatchling sheet AND a full adult sheet for an extra $20...
  2. FireSword Furries

    Angel Dragon Adoptable Auction!!! (OPEN)

    Hey Everyone! I'm selling this Angel Dragon Character/Reference sheet! The bidding begins at $15.00-. Minimum bid increase is $1.00-. I I ONLY do business through PayPal. If you want you can bid here OR on my DA page. When the adoptable is sold I will close it on all sites I have it on. The...
  3. Only Here A Second..

    Looking for someone to adopt a Dutch Angel Dragon I created...

    I was referred this site by Nimbus, one of the Dutch Angel Dragon admins when I asked about adoptions and what to do about a Dutch Angel Dragon I had drawn - I don't have any interest in fursuiting, but I wanted to draw one anyway. I'm hoping to find someone who would be willing to adopt him (no...
  4. DiscoPanda123

    Calling all Angel Dragons looking for art

    Hey A.D lovers Do you have a character that you really want art of??? I am currently selling my talent in the form of Badge/Bust Comms and YCH's as of now I have unlimited Badge slots (unless I get overwhelmed) I have 1 YCH that's currently up and Still open and one that's in the works and about...
  5. furryfilth

    Ferrofluid AD adopt!

    www.furaffinity.net: Ferrofluid AD adopt! $15 starting bid! by furryfilth Link to auction on FA and picture^^^^^^^^^^ www.furaffinity.net: Ferrofluid Adopt! Relaxed version by furryfilth Link to second picture^^^^^^^^^^ Starting bid $15! Minimum increments of $1. Comment on FA auction (first...
  6. furryfilth

    Names for Bunnies and Dutch Angel Dragons?

    I'm making two new character and I find that I can create the design a lot easier when I have a name in mind, sooooo.. what would you name a dutch angel dragon and Bunny? Both are female, they have no concept design or personality yet, so just fire out those names!
  7. Txtbooksh

    Does your Dutch Angel Dragon have an origin story? Please share!

    So I have had a Dutch Angel Dragon since June of last year and, aside from a few pieces of art here and there, I've not really done anything else for her. Of course I would love a fursuit but another thing I wanna work on would be Eshne's origin story; specifically how she came to appear in the...
  8. The ninja angel dragoN

    Any one got any cool species ideas/fur suits for a new furry?

    i really don't know what kind of species i want to be i had angel dragon in mind but i think it would be expensive(my budget is just under 900$.) i have been a furry fan for about 11 months now and i think i should get a fursona for another character(i have one who is an angel dragon but it is...