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  1. zenmaldita

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Halo: Angel Armor & Outfits (tw: trypophobia)

    expectation: Biblical angels are terrifying AF-- but let's make it pretty. reality: The "eyes" made me feel uneasy when coloring tho You will receive ◦ No BG/No Model Outfit Full res: 1150x2600 px ◦ PSD for hiding halos and other accessories ◦ Line Art PSD ◦ If the winning bid is above $100...
  2. dahbastard

    City in a cavern

    Hello, I recently finished this piece, and though (as always) it can be improved, I am pretty pleased with how it turned out, so I am leaving it here. Feel free to post your own art, and (time permitting), I will take a look. Thank you!
  3. Simo

    Poll: How innocent is Simo the Skunk?

    Well, I think it is pretty clear I'm a totally, or at least mostly innocent 'lil sugar-cube skunk, though, I will say, there have been a few naysayers, and I can't imagine why :P Here's your chance to vote, and prove my innocence in the court of furry opinion.
  4. samuraiswordz

    [Adopt] Seraphina - V-Day Angel themed [NSFW]

    Currently auctioning an adopt here~ [NSFW/Mature link] Please bid at that link! General Info: Starting Bid: $40.00 Auto Buy: $100.00 Auto Buy w/ Extra outfit chibi AND back view: $140.00 Rules: - Paypal and USD only - Payment must be within 24 hours - Once bought, the design is fully yours...