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  1. Angellothefox

    Birthday commission NSFW I wanna GIVE YOU MONEY!

    My B-day is coming up and I want to pay an artist to do an NSFW picture. You must be. A. Open minded B. Not mind drawing NSFW material. I am looking for something in the range of £6.00 or bellow. Also, may I remind your minimum price is $5, Those are not my request or rules those are the FA...
  2. Angellothefox

    UK Leeds Furmeet

    I am hosting a furmeet on the 14/1/2017:) Be aware as well that this is a bar we will be going to so if anyone is not over the age of 18 might be asked to leave! We will meet at the train station at WHSmith at 1.50pm and then we will make our way to the bar. The bar that we are going to is...
  3. Angellothefox

    Hi it is me again. Is there any UK furs here?

    Now the last free art I asked for someone made for me thank you very much :) But now here is the next question I will ask? Is there any UK furs here? If the answers yes lets narrow it down a bit Is there any Leedsfurs? If the answer is no still stick around:D If the answer is yes then here...
  4. Angellothefox


    Gosh you have no Idea how much I missed these when they got taken down. I only just realiszed they was up moments ago so this is a fantastic surprise for me:D I think you can create groups on this or you could last timeo_O Hopefully it will be pretty good to see everyfur again:)