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  1. Wolvinof

    (Sort-of Vent) Is it dumb to get angry at questions about your OC, no matter how simple and basic the OC is?

    (I'm going by the idea that the guy isn't on the forums. If he is and sees this, screw it, I don't care now.) So, I had an idea and did some art of an inflatable plane deflating. They were only meant to be a generic plane just so I could do a plane deflating, but a friend I was chatting with...
  2. Punji

    How angry are you?

    How angry do you think you are? Would you say anger is an issue? Personally I think I have an anger problem. Normally my emotions can be minor and fade quickly, and while this is often true for anger it isn't always. Generally my anger builds slowly over a period of time, a small frustration...
  3. SpaceyShiba

    Hiring: (5-25 USD budget) LF Artists who draw anthro males very good and have angry/angsty examples

    It has been super difficult finding artists who have open commissions AND draw males extremely well. I have canine characters, nothing super complicated in terms of design. If you have pieces that portray anger/rage, bad boys (not the impress ladies type i mean like actual bad kids), >:D kinda...
  4. L

    Vent 'Bout Dad (Otherwise, Carry On)

    So I tried to contact my Dad about how he treated me and neglect me. He did this to me for years when he gotten into a relationship with another. He also abuse me. I told him how he literally left me to the wolves due to his indifference towards me, and gone through a depression/anxiety even...
  5. Hatred_AS

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Selling my Fursona- $300

    I am selling my old Fursona, starting at $300. The price will not be negotiated, and I will take the best offer. He comes with over 60 pieces of art, some high quality, some sketches. I left the fandom some time ago, after the fire died, and I simply don't want the character to go to waste. He...
  6. ProjectDuska

    Expression Help?

    Hi! My name is Duska, and I'm new to this site, so I apologize if I'm doing something wrong. Anyway, for a while now, I've been having trouble drawing expressions on my animal characters. I'm not sure really what I'm doing wrong, but I can't achieve the correct facial expression in any of my...
  7. Wild-Fantasy-Run

    Otherkin what is you opinion and experience?

    Ok so I don't want to sound like a ass, but other-kin are pretty intense crazy f**k's. I am sorry if you are other-kin and thats insulting but I went and tried dipping my toes into their world and wholly S**T man. I consider my self a strange person myself and into what some would call...
  8. luxdreamer

    I need to vent.

    I am pretty upset right now. Just a warning -- this is going to be a LONG post. Feel free to scroll down to the tl;dr segment for a run-through. I just really need to type all this out for my own sanity. Once upon a time a friend of mine, we are going to call her Jane and her boyfriend Kyle...