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animal crossing

  1. geeswest

    (Base/YCH) Selling: 45$ Picnic | animal crossing 2 slots YCH

    SLOT 1: SB: $45 Min: $5 AB: $100 SLOT 2: SB: $45 Min: $5 AB: $100 Details here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47570531/
  2. K


  3. a sleepy kitty

    New ACNH friends!

    Interested in making new friends to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons with? If you want to post your Switch code for friend-searching, feel free! You may also ask me for my code if you'd like to, or dm me your code if you're not comfortable posting your code here.
  4. T

    Share your ACNH dream codes here!

    This topic is for sharing Animal Crossing New Horizons dream codes! Feel free to share your code and maybe even give feedback on the islands listed here that you've chosen to visit. My island has a five star rating. The code is DA-6662-5998-3002
  5. clowntown

    Request: animal crossing ship art lol

    i am desperate for art of my animal crossing rarepair dr shrunk x isabelle like i will take anything ASDFGHJLK whether its in the animal crossing style or anthro or whatever i dont mind its all perfect to me bros
  6. pom_crush

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Pom's Coms | Animal Crossing Style Sale [starting at $20]

    Open | Closed Hello everybody! I've been having a lot of fun doing some ACNH style work so I thought I'd open up a few commission slots. You can find terms and conditions, slots, and examples below •ᴥ• --- Information ☆ All prices are in USD, and payments will be done through paypal. Payment...
  7. T

    Post an image of your Animal Crossing character!

    Whether it's New Leaf, Pocket Camp, New Horizons or other, I'd love to see your characters! I'll post mine later today when my home wifi gets installed!
  8. Ravofox

    Your favorite Animal Crossing character

    So, most of us would by now be familiar with the deceptively simple-looking but outright amazing and addictive game that is AC. So, I thought, why not share our fave virtual huggable fellas from it. They can be villagers or any recurring characters. :) To start us off, let me introduce the...
  9. geeswest

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Halloween group YCH (animal crossing style) SB 25$

    Slots are here https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38641582/ <3
  10. S

    Stupendium's Furry Music Videos

    Stupendium is a YouTuber who does songs mainly about video games that I recommend. He's done a few on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and in the latest he's done a touch of fursuiting: He also kind of did some for his video about Untitled Goose Project: I have a soft spot for him since he...
  11. TkupBook

    I drew sherb :)

    Hiya, so I just joined today and thought I would share one of my recent drawings. I drew it for a friend cause he loves sherb. I am used used to drawing girls so I am aware he is a bit thicc haha. I am not so good at digital art or lineart so if you have any tips I would be happy to hear. I am...
  12. Punkedsolar

    Art Trade: 3 Animal Crossing Style Art-Trades available

    I'm offering a trade - I'll draw your Animal Crossing critter, and you draw mine! Kid-friendly trades only. Have a look at the very small gallery I have here to see if my style works for you. My AC Villagers: A fancy goth ostrich - Velvet or A frilly renaissance kitty - Louis or A jock flower...
  13. Punkedsolar

    Show me your SFW Animal Crossing Art

    Hey folks. I would love to see people's SFW animal crossing art. I'm trying to get a good handle on the proportions and design, they're really well done to make the critters cute but emotive. So share! Maybe Flight Rising too if other folk play that!
  14. Punkedsolar

    Old Bird, New Art

    Hello. I am Punkedsolar, and this is also me, Velvet, who is much more interesting than I am, yes. So here are some things about Velvet in Animal Crossing format: Gender: Irrelevant Personality: Peppy Species: Ostrich (Animal Crossing version) Birthday: August 20 (Leo) Initial phrase...
  15. Sabstar

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH Animal Crossing Character Cards $20

    Hey all! It's been a long time since I did any work here as I'm a Tattoo Artist by career - but I'd love to take on some themed commissions while I've got all this lockdown time. It's the first time I've been free in years! I'm offering AC character cards for $20. This'll be a limited time...
  16. Bluefangcat

    Draw your fursona as an animal crossing character!

    I've seen a lot of people doing it, so lets have a thread for it, shall we? Post art of your oc or fursona as an animal crossing villager, whether its new art or old! Lets see eachother's creativity and takes on the style! I'll start off with my kitty cat Dimas. I imagine she'd have either a...
  17. ZeroGHero

    Hiring Animal Crossing QR Designer. (US$ 25-50)

    Hello! I'm looking for an artist who is experienced with creating custom QR designs for Animal Crossing: New Horions. I have some very specific QR designs in mind and they shouldn't be excessively difficult or time-consuming to make. I have good budget for this of $20-50 USD. Must be willing...
  18. T

    If your fursona were on Animal Crossing...

    What kind would they be? Which one of the canon personalities would they have? I thought this might be fun! If anyone has a good guide for Animal Crossing, so everyone can do this, please feel free to share. Name: Gender: Species: Personality: Catchphrase: Fav K.K. Slider Song: Fav Shirt: Fav...
  19. 89454985

    Favorite Animal Crossing Characters?

    I know there has to be some furries out there with a love for Animal Crossing :D Who are some of your favorite animal villagers or NPCs? Mine are Julian, Drago, Tammi, Jacques, Frita, Marshall, and Zucker :)
  20. NovaSwiftBrony

    Looking for Animal Crossing Erp

    I'm looking for roleplay partners who are relatively familiar with Animal Crossing to rp as characters from it. I will be playing as the mayor or a resident that everyone is familiar with. I prefer rp on discord but on FA forums is good enough as well. My discord is NovaTheLucario#6590. Hope to...