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animal portraits

  1. JazzyBlu

    (Commission) Selling: OPEN High Quality Feral/Anthro/Ref Sheets/Bg

    ~ Hello and Welcome to my cozy Art Hut ~ OPEN! Check my DA Gallery Click on the images to expand them SKETCHES Thick Messy Lines, Monochromatic with a simple Background Headshot 15€ HalfBody 25€ Fullbody 40€ Extras -Wings +5€ -Clothing is Free FLAT COLOR Flat Examples Includes a clean...
  2. X

    A few requests!

    Hey guys, being new to FA I figured I'd set myself up for a few practise artworks. I'm quite new to digital art at the moment, as well as to owning characters and playing them, so I don't have a decent enough base of examples to set up shop yet. So come get your OCs some art! Unfortunately, I...
  3. ColdSoul

    X.mas Commission SALE! 25% OFF

    Winter Greetings Folks!! Tis the season to be jolly and in my case penniless hehe. My commissions now have 25% off! Wooh! Could be a great present for someone this Christmas or an early one to yourself hehe! Would very much appreciate if you could lead a hand in spreading the word on this one...
  4. eritated

    $30+ Pet/Animal Portraits (non-anthro)

    $30 pet portraits (or any animal) of this style and detail. I prefer you to email me at ericad8798[at]gmail.com with inquiries. I won't start commissions until I am paid through my paypal Pay Erica Davidson using PayPal.Me Other ways to view my art and support me: Erica Davidson is creating...