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animal shelter

  1. Jojer

    Tampa Bay KittyCon 2018

    So, yeah. This isn’t a legit furry con but I’d love to see furries invade and take over in suits. :p If you’re interested in checking it out, here’s the site: KittyCon Tampa Bay 2018/Cat Convention/Cat Rescue It supports animal adoption at least!
  2. AceofHearts

    Support My Local Animal Shelter?

    Can you please vote for my local animal shelter to win funding from PetCo's charity foundation? Arenac county is votes behind... Unsung Heroes - Petco Foundation My friend David and his wife Catherine are really hard working, good people. David is a dog trainer and teaches dogs French ring and...
  3. WolfNightV4X1

    "Rescuing" animals is not a glorious job

    So two days ago I found a dog at the park on a weekday, it was pretty vacant and I figured I'd find a public access spot to kick back for a bit because I was waaaay early for work. The dog was scared, and I couldn't even approach it. Using "dog language" I passed by it several times, but not too...