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  1. moondustmanwise

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Commissions open! Starting at 5 dollars!

    I recently started using my old furafinity account, due to my situation of being a college student without a job and an apartment I need to make rent on soon. I like to think my art is fairly priced, busts are five dollars, flat full bodies are ten, background and shading are 20, each additional...
  2. sausy1

    What animal traits do you link with certain personality traits?

    I've always thought that, say... - Horns represent a commanding presence - Tails represent flexibility and adaptability - Fur represents being laid back and calm - Scales represent an unmoving character, whether literally or figuratively - More animalistic arm and leg shapes represent speed and...
  3. Ariaxu

    Comissions (selling) - zbrush sculpts / 3D art / digital paintings(dogs)

    Yoo So basically my job finished and I have fallen into a bit of a financial pickle and i really need to get some money for rent. Normally 3d art i guess isnt as popular for comission due to the fact that it takes 20000 hours to make but hey, I mostly offering zbrush sculpt comissions, starting...
  4. Moliin

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Fantasy Commissions! [Price range: 15 - 65$]

    Hello! I'm open for commissions and I'll gladly make some arts of your characters! ^^ What I will draw: dragons, animals, anthro, mild gore (ask for more!) What I won't draw: humans Rules: ~ Payment is upfront any only via PayPal (USD). ~ I have up to 4 weeks to finish your order (but I...
  5. The_biscuits_532

    Post cute images of your fursona's species!

    I guess if it's a hybrid just put both?
  6. D

    Pet Lovers Thread

    A while ago I lost my Betta fish, Icarus, and was deeply upset from it. I found him in a tiny little bowl at the pet store, all by himself, so small and lonely. He broke my heart just looking at him. I bought him and took him home with me, along with a much larger bowl, ornaments, and all the...
  7. A

    Hiring: ($100+) Looking For Someone to Do Some Pokemon on Human NSFW £100-200 Digital Art

    EDIT: I've picked an artist but feel free to still comment. So far I've loved every artists wrong who's commented and noted em all down for potential future commission. I'm always seeking for me in OC form to be in some saucy situations with Pokemon or furry stuff in general so till feel free...
  8. ArtGirl205

    Poodle Joker having a snack.

  9. RangerReb

    Cute hamster adopts! Make an offer ($5) (3/4 OPEN)

    Here we go folks! My first batch of adopts, designs and base created by yours truly. These took way longer to make than they should have, lol. Don’t see one you like? I can create a custom for you on my base for $5. Here are the babs that are currently available: Sunset Sweetheart-OPEN Sandy...
  10. Punkedsolar

    Art Trade: 3 Animal Crossing Style Art-Trades available

    I'm offering a trade - I'll draw your Animal Crossing critter, and you draw mine! Kid-friendly trades only. Have a look at the very small gallery I have here to see if my style works for you. My AC Villagers: A fancy goth ostrich - Velvet or A frilly renaissance kitty - Louis or A jock flower...
  11. pauvresse

    (Commission) Selling: Headshots for $5 (USD)!

    ~My friends areeeee bullying me cause I don't have a Switch and I don't get paid till the end of the month. So here we are lads ;P The goal is to make around $270 in total so I can get ACNH too! So lets do this >:D~ Hey! The name is Pauv and I'm selling digital or traditional headshots for...
  12. hyaenida

    (Commission) Selling: Art-RPG and Character Portraits (starting at 5$)

    Hello! I'm a self taught artist who offers commissions to get through university! I don't really have a presence on furaffinity I just watch and fav there, but you can look for examples of my art on my deviantart account. Bear in mind that it's mostly filled with Art-RPG content, which is kept...
  13. JustAKat

    (Commission) Selling: 20$ Badges (shipping Included!)

  14. Awushka

    (Commission) Selling: 15$+ Anthro ♥ Feral ♥ Animalart | fullbody | character reference sheets avaible!

    Hi! I’m not a furry but I really enjoy drawing fantasy creatures and animals and I was wondering if anyone here would like to commission me ^^ I saw a lot of awsome and crazy ideas here and it’s so inspiring! ♥ For now I can draw for you: Coloured sketch 15 USD simplified style, sketchy lines...
  15. O

    Tiger Fursuit - Realistic and URGENT

    Hello one and hello all, I am looking to either create or buy a very realistic tiger fur suit .. if anyone knows of one it would be great if you could let me know! also happy to hire if it is precious to you! It is for a commercial in London so please do get in touch, could even be arrange for...
  16. Spritz-PuppyShark

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Art Commissions ($20-$60)

    Hello! I'm selling art commissions (accepting payment via PayPal). I can draw anything including animals, anthros, humans, NSFW, gore, chibi, etc. My prices are: Bust- $20 Fullbody- $30 Ref Sheet (2 sided with detail box)- $60 Scene- $60+ (depending on complexity) Here is a link to my portfolio...
  17. K1ND

    (Commission) Selling: $20 USD Each Critter Commissions +$5 for phone backgrounds!

    Hello all! K1ND here, I am opening up some fall/winter commissions! I’m offering doodle commissions of animals/ferals/creatures/monsters. Each doodle will be fullbody and transparent (.png)! Extras: I can make phone/tablet backgrounds out of an animal for an extra $5! I also have a...
  18. AmberLupus

    As a furry, what is your opinion on Human Pups and Otherkin?

    I'm not going to talk about it as NSFW as I don't want to violate any terms, just your opinion of them as a whole. I find this to be an interesting topic, as fursonas are sort of a link to animals, but expressed through different ways - what would you define those borders as? or is there an...
  19. Gallows


    What is your Chinese zodiac animal? *~*
  20. choco-kissu

    [PLEASE READ!] An Animal Shelter needs your help!!

    Hello everyone...So, I wanted to share this message because i'm terribly saddened by these news... One of the biggest animal shelters in Latin America called "Funda Bolivar" Is in danger of CLOSING because of the terrible situation that Venezuela is going through. They are located in Tachira...