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  1. B

    Free Art: (ON HOLD) Taking Human and Feral Art Requests!

    Request Here: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/10284931
  2. leopard_aruna

    (Commission) Selling: realistic animals and portraits

    heya all, i'm open for commissions! mostly draw animals but can do portraits too.. :) i work with colored pencils or graphite, if you are interested let me know ;) https://arunakeunicorn888.wixsite.com/arunaart check my website for prices some examples from my work
  3. Neigh-Ella

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Watercolour Portraits and Animation Chibis

    Hi there, thank you for showing interest in my commissions! I'm opening my doors again, but this time for Watercolour styled portraits and Animated chibis of characters. 5 slots are open for the animation pieces and I will update this thread once they've all been taken. If you're interested in...
  4. Vigil29

    Request: Requesting Free line art/sketch of Cartoon Animals

    Hi, I'm really looking for some sketches or line art of cartoony anthro animals. If you know how to draw cartoon characters as well as the animal species listed below, feel free to message me. Kangaroo Fox Bunny Chicken/Rooster Coyote
  5. LewdCoyote

    (Commission/Adopts) LewdCoyote Commission Price List

    HI THERE! I'm still pretty new to FA, and don't have much of a following, but after a few requests, I finally made a commission price list! My prices are average-high, depending on what you want, but I price them that way since I put a lot of time and effort into each commission piece! I also...
  6. mercuriel-art

    Animal Species with unique spines (not spikes)?

    Hey guys! I've been wanting to make a new sona in addition to my others that reflects me a bit more personally than usual. Because of this, I want to choose an animal that has something special about its spine. I don't mean spine as in spikes, but as in the vertebrae! The only two I've thought...
  7. Yakamaru

    Animal Rescue Videos/Articles Thread

    I don't think we have such a thread on this forum? Life can be cruel, vicious and outright harsh. And because of all the negative aspects out there it could be easy to get affected by it and for that matter, lost in it. But it's not all bad. In fact.. There is a lot of good being done out...
  8. F

    Favorite Minecraft entity

    What is your favorite Minecraft entity? This can be hostile, non hostile, etc. Please keep in mind the most recent update on my system is llamas and woodland mansions. Mine has to be the wolf. @DariusNack , check it out. =3 Here is a screenshot of Me and Sarahi.
  9. I

    Conservation and Wildlife (Almost $100 already donated)

    I've taken an interest in conservation and helping endangered species. I figure that it's our responsibility to help these animals because it is usually our fault they are endangered in the first place. I made this thread so we can share and inform each other of endangered species and ecosystems...
  10. Morgan Colonna

    Raising Money for a Dear Friend

    Hello! I'm new to Fur Affinity, but have been meaning to make an account here for awhile! I've been trying to raise money for my best friend to get top surgery as they've been struggling with their gender identity. They mean the world to me and I'm trying to do what I can to help. They don't...
  11. I

    What kind of pets do you own?

    I love animals. Most people do. That's why we often have them as companions and friends in our lives. Share your pets in this thread for all of us to enjoy. Post a picture or just describe them. I'll start with a friend I recently got. A betta fish named Icarus
  12. CelestialblueShark

    (Commission) Selling: 5 to 18 Dollars Commission

    Hii!! So I am opening some cheap commissions from 5 dollars to 18 I will show the examples below <3 Since I am starting this for the first time, I am keeping it as basic and cheap as possible. I can do NSFW, Gore, More poses, From the sides. Anthro, Animals, Dragons etcs. These are just head...
  13. Niru the Husky

    Have you ever done something weird, related to animals ?

    When I was younger, I tried dry dog food and it tasted kinda good xD ? My parent's said that is isn't healthy and then I stopped. Also food for guinea pigs which looks like some cereal ;D At a friends house, they have a giant dog and a large bag filled with oatmeal for their dog. Everytime we...
  14. choco-kissu

    [PLEASE READ!] An Animal Shelter needs your help!!

    Hello everyone...So, I wanted to share this message because i'm terribly saddened by these news... One of the biggest animal shelters in Latin America called "Funda Bolivar" Is in danger of CLOSING because of the terrible situation that Venezuela is going through. They are located in Tachira...
  15. VulpineCorvid

    Unconventional animals/things you find cute

    What are some unconventional things/animals that you find cute? For me, I love spiders, and I personally find them adorable, even the big ones! Unfortunately, most people don't think so. Does anyone else appreciate things that are often misunderstood or not thought to be cute?
  16. pameloo

    (Commission) Selling: Custom Character/Weapon Designs, Illustrations, Sketches {$30-$100+}

    Additional examples: pamelooart.weebly.com: PAMELOO(ART) Thanks for looking, let me know if you have any questions!
  17. Ravofox

    NZ fauna appreciation thread

    I wouldn't usually do something like this, but as an Australian, recent events in New Zealand have hit unusually close to home. So, I thought, let's admire some of Middle Earth's fantastic, unique animals, as a way to get some catharsis and to show those pretty islands our love!:) I'll start...
  18. X

    Do furries like/love/respect animals?

    I know we all enjoy cartoon animals and some of us enjoy pretending to be animals, but does the furry community respect nature and real animals in any way other than as pets? Just my thoughts: I just watched an incredible documentary about a guy who lived in the wilderness with a flock of wild...
  19. fujimiko92


    Hey y'all. I'm Kimmy. Or, Kimmykoosh. Inktober is coming, so I'm opening an Inktober Commission \\(^w^)// The theme is, animals. Please know that I'm doing with traditional pens, markers and inks. All commissions are in monochrome, with 1 colour and a simple background. Prices are in...