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animated commission

  1. Neigh-Ella

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Watercolour Portraits and Animation Chibis

    Hi there, thank you for showing interest in my commissions! I'm opening my doors again, but this time for Watercolour styled portraits and Animated chibis of characters. 5 slots are open for the animation pieces and I will update this thread once they've all been taken. If you're interested in...
  2. Bakisune

    (Commission) Selling: Icon Gif

    I will give the delivery time when you inform me the character and the type of animation you want Payment only when I send the finalized watermark gif Price: 15 usd More examples in my toyhouse: https://toyhou.se/9664075.icon-gif
  3. morbid_ideals

    (Commission) Selling: Animated Coloured Icon ($15)

    Hi there! I'm available to create some blinking animated icons, like this: Will be lined, coloured and painted like in example above. I'll send you the high-res and 100x100 res icon upon completion. Payment to be made upfront or on completion (will receive a watermarked gif until paymet is...
  4. kjoee88

    (Commission) Selling: [For Hire] I Animated from your Artwork/Icon [ KJOEE88 ]

  5. sketchrabbit

    (Commission) Selling: ✿ Rabbit's Art Flash Sale! ✿ LIVE2D Animated Characters $50! Limited Time/Slots

    Hi, welcome! I'm running an end of summer flash sale for my Live2D animations. Please keep reading below for the details. FA Listing Upload: www.furaffinity.net: ! END OF SUMMER LIVE2D CHARACTER ANIMATION - FLASH SALE ! by sketchrabbit...
  6. kjoee88

    (Commission) Selling: [ 20-55$ ] [ Animated from your pic/artwork ] [KJOEE88]

    this some sample www.furaffinity.net: Commission Animated [ 1 ] by KJOEE88 Send your picture to me. I will make Animation Simple Loop for you. Commission Details Estimate the price - Send the artwork to me for price estimation. - The price starts from $20+ (depends on the quality.) Working...
  7. Ryoe

    (Commission) Selling: ♔ Bounce Feral Icons ($7 - $15)

    Offering Mini Icons Only four-legged OCs work on this base PRICE Offer anything between $7 - $15 USD Can request bounce animation EX: You will receive 1. 100x pixel version 2. ~50x version Feel free to comment or message me on here or on furaffinity
  8. Onyx-Mille-Gryphon

    Unique Professional Commissions ($25-$70)

    Looking for realistic styled art at a reasonable price? I offer several types of unique commissions (such as music inspired, animated icons, and more!) Check out my price/example list here: docs.google.com: The Art of Onyx Commission Info Contact- FA: Millennium-Millie-Gryphon Email...
  9. NovaSwiftBrony

    Hiring: (Closed)Looking for nsfw artist for pokemon couple animation. Budget (~120$)

    Me and a friend are looking for an artist to commision a long length gif/video of our pokemon ocs. We are looking to pay approximately 120$ for this to be done. Our preferred methods of communication are below. Discord we are the most active so try for that. Contact us if interested ^×^...
  10. NovaSwiftBrony

    Hiring: (closed)Looking for artist for Pokemon OC couple. Budget of 5$~$100+ (Nsfw prefered.)

    First time posting a commision thread so bear with me and help me so we can commission you. Me and a friend are looking for an artist to help us get a picture of our pokemon ocs together for intimate moments based on rps we have had. We are very flexible and he will be paying, but both of us...
  11. kvasoly

    NSFW Animated YCH for $67

    Hi! I'd like to show you my first animated YCH. It will be with lineart, coloring and shading. I'll do it more smooth and accurate. I can change EVERYTHING as your character is. And I'll be happy if you buy it, cause I really want to try animation but have no time to make it for myself. Here's a...
  12. KilianKuro

    (Commission) Selling: Animated commissions OPEN

    Welcome to my art page! Please read rules, if you don't understand something, ask. ^^ Payment, rules,etc. ▶ PRICES ( for one OC) Simple animation. (blinking, hair move, character move , simple effects) Headshot - 110$ Fullbody - 140$ Complex animation (blinking, detailed hair move, eyes...
  13. Nephurz

    Holiday Sale[gift fund] - Cute Animated Headshots for $15

    Trying to get some extra funds to get my son some CHRIMMUS PRESENTZ. I've had a lot of crazy expenses pop up as of late, and my little dude deserves a good birthday[december 22] and Christmas. He's turning two years oldddd. ;w; SO. I'm selling cute animated headshots like these: $15 per GIF...
  14. ranarun


    EDIT** So yesterday I made a tell me what to draw thread---> Artwork Gallery for ranarun -- Fur Affinity [dot] net, and it was super fun, Im opening it up again today, buy me a coffe and you tell me which character or OC you want me to do and I will deliver with a basic clean up and coloring...
  15. MarquisofGIF

    Marquis's GIFs and animation services shop - All to $5

    WELCOME!! Hello and thank you for stopping by here, Let me ask you a question: Have you ever wanted to see your fursona or your OCs alive? Sure fan art would be awesome but how bout if you see him/her breathing, fighting, doing something in a loop or even talk? Well, seek no further, In Marquis...
  16. Pipistrele

    $10-14 trippy grayscale icon animations

    Well, after doing various trades and requests, I think it's time to try my hand at commissions, so, I'll open 5 slots. Maybe I'll buy myself some vidya in the end or something! Pricing is simple - 10 bucks for basic "dude on the front and fancy background" layout (the one on my avatar), 14...
  17. Asaskume

    Animated Fetish Avatar for FA

    I've been at FA for some time now. First time on the forums though, so hello!! Onto my request! I was wondering if I could get an animated avatar of Midna. (from The Legend of Zelda) I would prefer an artist who has some experience in doing fetish work that tie in with expansion and really big...
  18. Infinipede

    Pixel Art + Binary

    Hello! I'm a pixel artist who also does digital work and character design. The best way to contact me is through Furaffinity, Deviantart, or emmaeboers@gmail.com. My Terms of Service Inquire for NSFW TOS/pricing/examples Small Pixels $10-$15 $15-$20 (animated) Transparent work 50x50 -...
  19. ProblematicPossum

    YCH Animations : Slots Available [Small Sale!]

    These poor fellows have been sitting around without partners, I'm offering a small discount to pair these puppers up! ALL are NSFW : :iconWind: www.furaffinity.net: YCH : ANIMATION : Impregnation : Wind : 1 Slots Available by ProblematicPossum : Female/Cuntboy needed : $45.00...