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  1. GingerFay

    Free Art: 2d animation (bone) requests

    Hi there! I'm looking for sample animations to add to my gallery, so u can send me your art/OC (artist must be said) and i'll make a simple animation for u. (If it is not too complicated). I send u a message if your art is chosen. ;) Thank u!
  2. Mousie_Vore

    I am a mouse. No one has given me a name yet.

    Hello all. I have been curious about furries for a long time now. I like the idea. I want to learn things, and maybe one day have the self-esteem to go to a convention! I also love: Vore (Oral Giantess + Tiny) Video Games (Smash, DKC, Mother/EarthBound, Persona, Xenoblade, Shantae, Celeste, and...
  3. B

    (Commission) Selling: ($100+) Bewitched096 A-animation commissions ! Open!

    Hello! I'm open for animation commissions. I WILL DRAW: -SFW ; -Humans; (soooo original... - _-) -Anthro; -Monsters; -Furry; -Dragons and Reptiles; (I love dragons and reptiles) -Pokemon and Digimon; -Hypno fetish; (yeah am weird) I WILL NOT DRAW: -Scat; -NSFW (Depends :) -Cubporn or...
  4. sunny_abyss

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Animated Neon Dragon Adoptable - OPEN

    Paypal only! ~ SB: $20 MI: $2 AB: $50 - for AB I can change a design for a bit if requested ~ After payment you will get : 1) Full rights to the design 2) GIF file without watermark (animation) in a better quality 3) PNG file without animation and watermark in a better quality. Can be...
  5. berry

    Any pandas in here?

    Hi! Does anyone here have any panda-related art I could check out (SFW/NSFW)? If you’re on FA, I’ve love to check out your page if you’ve got one! Thanks in advance!
  6. spookyfoxinc

    (Commission) Selling: Animation Commissions - Open for Anything!

    Hi! Just wanted to post about the fact that I'm taking animation commissions!! These are taken on a quote by quote by basis! You can ask for ANYTHING! Sfw or nsfw, sketched or fully shaded, whatever you're thinking :) Examples: NSFW examples can be found on my fA...
  7. RussellTor

    (Commission) Selling: NSFW Preg/Ovi YCH Animation // 4 slots - $60-$90

    -NSFW LINK- https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42946881/ Salutations! I have two slots open for a YCH rough sketch animation and two slots for full ink+color animation, four in total. Information in the link description. Please comment under the FA submission to claim a slot. Thanks!
  8. JonTheCaptive

    Hiring: (Prices Negotiable) Looking for an Animator to create an 80s cartoon style intro for a D&D Campaign! [CLOSED]

    Hello everyone! I got into D&D about eight months ago and began DMing a campaign for IRL friends back in December. But starting this Sunday, I'll be starting an online NSFW campaign for a large group of fellow furs. It'll be a D&D campaign like any other, with a large focus on telling collective...
  9. DeadAccount

    Fur/Hair Flow

    I like to animate and I've been animating for about nearly 2 years but I still havent mastered hair/fur flow, does anyone know how to get better at it? Or does anyone know any tips or tricks for it? I appreciate any advice you can give me :3
  10. sodasprouts

    (Commission) Selling: FLASH SALE: 25% off all orders! ($8-150+)

    Howdy doo folks I've decided to do a quick sale on my commissions! I can do furries, people, Sonic OCs, robots, light NSFW, ref sheets, asset art, animations, you name it! The prices you see below are 25% off my normal prices! ✦SKETCH✦ HEADSHOT 8 HALF 11 FULL 15 ✦FLATS✦ HEADSHOT 11 HALF 20...
  11. spookyfoxinc

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Frame by frame commissions open!

    Frame by Frame Commissions! Hi there! I thought I could advertise some frame by frame commissions I'm now open for. I can do anything - sfw or nsfw. Prices vary depending on complexity of animation. For nsfw I will need to see ID! If interested - note me here...
  12. Animela

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Animela's Pixel Stop + Animation ($5-60+)

    Welcome to Animela's Pixel Stop & Animation Center! I'm Animela and I pride myself in specializing in Pixel Art, Sprites and Animation! I've been working with Pixels since 2010, Animation since 2011 and professionally since 2015. While I can do digital art I'll mostly be showing off the skill...
  13. Jevlin

    Did you have any interesting furry/feral dreams recently? Or an old one you couldn't forget about?

    So... did you? ヽ(・∀・)ノ This topic was inspired by my university teacher because our topic for next semester's final exam is DREAMS! Namely, others' dreams (or nightmares) because we can't work with our own ones. So came the idea to collect these from friends and strangers but I'm also just...
  14. CastorClamwhistler

    Critique for animations

    Hey everybody, I'm an aspiring animator looking to do some short looping animations of nsfw scenes with monster girls and some soft-furry. I wanted to show you all two of the four animations I'm working on and ask for feedback on them. Both of these animations I'm close to finishing. I just...
  15. fenchfletcher

    Art Trade: Trade Your Skylanders for art?

    I got Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure for the Wii recently and I'm looking to get more figures for it. I also plan on eventually getting the other games on the Wii (Swap Force, Giants, and Trap Team) and will gladly also accept figures and the portals for those games. Anyway, I am trading art...
  16. chare

    (Commission) Selling: Live2D YCH commissions

    Hello, I'm taking two YCH slots for rigged Live2D models! You can use these completed models in VTubeStudio or FaceRig! Completed examples (these models are also for sale here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39410217/ ) Tiger: Deer: The base price is $150! More complex designs and model...
  17. Silvie

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Animated Gifs (30), Half-body (20-65), and YCH Chibis (15)

    Hi all I like to work with ink and watercolor but I also do digital painting and lineart if that's your thing. ==== Payment through Paypal only ==== =========== GIFS =========== Gif/pixelart animations start at USD30 and price may vary according to length, complexity, background, amount of...
  18. fenchfletcher

    (Commission) Selling: Unlimited art slave deal- $200 monthly

    I am willing to make a deal with someone to be a long term art slave. Here's how it works: For $200 per month (which can be broken up into $50 per week payments) I will make as much digital art, as many animations, and as many stories as you'd like (within reason, I am only human after all and...
  19. Berry_Slice

    Hiring: (Someone hired, thanks!) Looking for NSFW Animation Commission ($100+)

    Note that $100 is the bare minimum, not the final budget price. Hello, I am Berry Slice! I am on the hunt for someone that is able to do an NSFW Animation commission of my character Berry Slice. For right now I will hold the details until I can contact whoever is interested, but what I can say...
  20. fenchfletcher

    Can someone critique my newest animation?

    I am working on expressions in my animations, and I was wondering if someone could maybe critique the newest one I made so I can improve on future animations?