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  1. Floppyx

    Floppacopter is landing

    GIVE UP ALL CHOCOLATE AND I'LL FREE THE HOSTAGES! Oh, I just remembered my school years. The name is "Floppyx", because of my ears : I am a Caracal, a desert lynx, 27 summers old, pansexual 'n genderfluid ~ I'm a biology student, living on my own in good old'Canada and artist since 2012. I...
  2. Pattarchus

    Hiring: Animator (Blender) for VR/non-VR NSFW game (Patreon project)

    Hybrids: Virtual Encounters We are looking to hire a part time / freelance Animator for our (VR) NSFW furry game Hybrids: Virtual Encounters. Who we are Hybrids: Virtual Encounters is an immersive VR and non-VR NSFW furry game featuring anthro characters. Our focus is on providing detailed...
  3. 0tsuna0


    Hello!! I'm Tsuna, and I'm new to Furaffinity! I go by they/them, and am panromantic. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) I'm a self-taught artist and animator, and love making fanart and adoptable! My other hobbies include writing, reading, and other things! I love gardening, and am definitely a huge plant geek. My...
  4. Lobie5

    I love animating, but I lost my drive for it. Help?

    If anybody out here is an animator—how do you finish an animation/animatic without completely running out of steam 10% of the way through, leaving it unfinished forever? I used to love doing it, but now it's impossible to make anything longer than 2 seconds.
  5. Jouza

    (Commission) Selling: Dance Dance Dance! GIF animated sketch full body commissions sale! $5 USD per frame.

    Hello! My name is Sam and I love to do sketch animations. My animations involve no rigging and each frame is drawn separately. Each individually drawn frame is $5. (No extra cost if I use the same frame twice to make a fluid animation sequence.) So, for example, the animation above is 12...
  6. Sephiroth120

    Hiring: Animator for NSFW commission, Budget: $300+

    Hello there, I'm looking for a NSFW artist/animator willing to do a piece that'll be around 30 seconds long, possibly 40. My budget can go beyond $300, even somewhere in the 1000's if necessary, permitted that I'm allowed a payment plan as we go through the project. Must be comfortable with...
  7. BingyBongo

    Hi everyone! I am -very- new here.

    Uh, hey!? I've been aware that this site has been out there since before I can remember, but for some reason I only just made an account here. I'm going to be posting a lot on here once I get the hang of it. About me: I live in California, and I'm a traditional animator who specializes in...
  8. Sharpsy

    Animated Gif commissions Available

    Some example works are included below.
  9. T

    Animators who can do rotoscope work?

    I ws having this idea of finding an animator to figure out the costs of rotoscoping my sona into a short clip from a video game of one soldier defeating another. For now im only looking for an estimate and some professional opinion on it all, since i want it to be "fully coloured" so to speak...
  10. MarquisofGIF

    Marquis's GIFs and animation services shop - All to $5

    WELCOME!! Hello and thank you for stopping by here, Let me ask you a question: Have you ever wanted to see your fursona or your OCs alive? Sure fan art would be awesome but how bout if you see him/her breathing, fighting, doing something in a loop or even talk? Well, seek no further, In Marquis...
  11. DrWumblr

    Favorite and Undderated Animator Artist

    FA has really bad search engine imo so go ahead and promote your fav animator!! Don't forget to explain why :D
  12. Jayy-Dog

    Ever wanted to animate something or even have animated?

    I personally animate but loose motivation a little after starting it. But i like the process. What are your thoughts on it?
  13. Kabber

    Crystal Kingdom - Multiple Animator Project - OPEN! Animators welcome!

    Hey! Do you like animating? Do you like collaborating with other animators to make something beautiful? (do u like the adventure zone?) If so, take a look at this OC Multiple Animator Project! Just ask for a part, animate to it, and in the end we'll make something beautiful! You don't need to be...
  14. FluffyChuck91


    My name is Charles Moss. I am a grad student at Savannah State University with a focus in animation. I earned my BFA at Sam Houston State University. I draw, animate, and make occassional remix parody videos. Here is my website: charlesmossanimation My youtube channel: www.youtube.com: Charles...
  15. AJ3035

    Any Fellow Animators?

    Howdy y'all! I just recently got back into animation (Yesterday) and I was wondering if there was any other animators on the forums. I'd love to check any work you might have done or helped create. Feel free to leave multiple links! Here's the one I just finished yesterday. It's a bit rough...
  16. DreamRising

    Heya everyone!

    Hello I'm DreamRising, or LindseyVi. I'm an animator and artist. And this site seems really cool! >//< I don't know what else to say! Nice to meet you all!! ^^; Here's my Twitter if you want to see some of my work! LindseyVi (@LindseyTV23) | Twitter