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  1. Carameltan_

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Lewd YCH (SFW and NSFW Option) | [OPEN!!] 15$ Colored and Shaded

    ✨✨✨[OPEN]✨✨✨ Heya! Im opening this YCH, these are 15 USD each! [Do NOT click or buy if u’re under 18!!] -Paypal only -Any species, any gender -Please let me know if interested! ~THANKYOU!~
  2. samuraiswordz

    Selling: Veila's Commissions [OPEN] - 2/4 SLOTS [SFW/NSFW] $20 - $70+ [SFW AND NSFW]

    More Information: Will Not Do Will Do Hateful art Certain kinks Scat Gore Vore Armor Fan Art Kink/BDSM (depends on the kink) Almost any species Almost any body type SFW and NSFW Additional Fees: There may be additional fees on characters with more complcated designs. This starts at...
  3. Raever

    Hook me up with new anime(ish) artist links!

    I have a dilemma and could really use some help in solving it fellow art addicts. I have a few people I'll regularly commission due to their skill, politeness, reliability, and most of all - the style of art that they produce. I do enjoy other styles as well, but I'm a sucker for that detailed...