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  1. Rap Daniel

    Words of the Wizarding World(First draft)

    Here's the first draft! Very incomplete, I know. Tell me if I've already messed up, would you guys?
  2. Rap Daniel

    Copyright disclaimer

    I'm writing a dictionary of Harry Potter words, and attached is a snip of the copyright disclaimer. Did I do it right?
  3. Rap Daniel

    Sketchbook: My sister did a sketch of my scalesona!

    I love it so much, it fits him so well! What do you guys think?
  4. Rap Daniel

    Writing a Subnautica story

    It's called 'Hostile Ocean', and I don't plan to publish it officially as a book until I'm both old enough and have permission from Unknown Worlds. But I'm uploading it here so you guys can read what I have so far! Edit: Sorry about the kind of file I used, there's probably a better way, but I...
  5. Rap Daniel

    Tiny details in video games you like

    In Ace Combat 7, if you fly through the explosion from destroying an enemy ship or a missile hitting the water, water droplets appear on the cockpit
  6. Rap Daniel

    Original memes

    Post your own, original meme! imgflip.com: Disappointed Black Guy
  7. Rap Daniel

    Main Site A way to search for users taking requests or selling commissions

    For example, a drop-down option box with options to search for people who are: Taking requests Selling commissions Buying commissions Doing art trades Writing stories Selling animation commissions Etc. I think it would be perfect for those looking to expand their galleries.
  8. Rap Daniel

    Subnautica RP [SFW] [Some spoilers]

    PDA - "Recording voice log." RAP - "Well, I thought this planet would be completely AWFUL to live on. Turns out, I was wrong. I've finally cured the bacterium infecting both myself and the planet. The creatures designated 'Warper' haven't a care in the world about me anymore. Call me crazy, but...
  9. Rap Daniel

    Picture-less Memes

    any villain: *exists* me in my TX-130 using Barrage: I hereby sentence you to death. my mom: Why are you digging through your Lego box? me: Gotta be the last piece I need in there somewhere.
  10. Rap Daniel

    Funny moments in games

    My character stats in Smash 3DS at the time of typing Favorite character: Shulk Second favorite character: Mii Loneliest character: -- Smash Champ: Shulk Smash Sap: Shulk Slug Meister: Shulk Punching Bag: Shulk KO Kingpin: Shulk No-Defense Nelly: Shulk Disaster Master: Shulk
  11. Rap Daniel

    I'm Really Memeing It! (boooo)

    Post a "Really Feeling it" meme. My contribution Shulk when he Backslashes Bowser: I'm really feeling it! ...when he plays poker: I'm really dealing it! ...when he uses Flex Seal: I'm really sealing it! ...when he robs a bank: I'm really stealing it! ...when he works at Area 51: I'm really...
  12. Rap Daniel

    If your fursona was in Smash

    What would his moveset be? Rap(normal universe) Weapon: Knife with a hole in between the hilt and blade Moveset Standard A: Left slash, right slash, switches to holding it backwards, and stabs Fwd tilt: Stronger right slash Fwd smash: Holds knife backwards behind his back, then "unravels"...
  13. Rap Daniel

    Why do actors ruin werewolves? (short, calm rant)

    Don't get me wrong, there are actors who make good werewolves. But don't you hate it when a good werewolf transformation ends and the actor ruins it by acting more like a bird? Here's a tip for werewolf actors. Please don't flick your head around. You're a wolf, not a bird!
  14. Rap Daniel

    Request: Rap on 4546B

    Could anyone draw Rap wearing a Reinforced Dive Suit (No Rebreather) and petting a Cuddlefish in Subnautica, with a Seabase and a Reefback(that one's optional) in the background?(he's actually in the game) I'd just ADORE that. PM me if you're gonna do that, so I know when to get my hopes up.
  15. Rap Daniel

    Weird Habits

    What's an unusual habit you have? I press 'ON' instead of 'AC' to clear my calculator.
  16. Rap Daniel

    No Man's Sky BEYOND hype

    2 days... -kzzzt- everything -kzzt- changes.. 16//16//16//ATLAS//16//16//16//1//6//1//6// Hype thread, everyone! I made a poster for Beyond with Forza Horizon's vinyl group creator. What do you guys think? Edit: Over 300 layers, for those who wanted to know
  17. Rap Daniel

    Thinking of changing my username

    I was thinking of making my username on both sites be "TheRaptorWizard" OR "Rap Daniel"(my fursona's name). What do you think?
  18. Rap Daniel

    Important Blogwarts change

    I'm going to restart it, because Rap learned things that he realistically shouldn't be allowed to learn until sixth year. Rap's only a first year! He shouldn't be able to Disapparate! So on Sep. 1st, I'll restart the blog from Rap's third year, and hopefully it'll stay accurate to the real...
  19. Rap Daniel

    My PS4 thinks a game I got free with the console needs to be bought!

    When I got the PS4 for Christmas a few years back, it came with a code to download Star Wars Battlefront EA, and so I did. More recently, I had to backup, initialize and restore due to a recurring error that forced me to unplug the PS4, and since then, my PS4 thinks I have to buy Battlefront...
  20. Rap Daniel

    Post the weird things that've happened to you, but make it funny!

    Like this: I was going to enjoy breakfast, but diarrhea said NO!