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  1. Rap Daniel


    This is the oldest post I can find. I've been here a long time..
  2. Rap Daniel

    Rap's LEGO creations

    LC-01 Land-Based Aircraft Carrier "Arrow" A land based aircraft carrier converted from a Gerald R. Ford class. Propulsion: 12x heavy duty tires in a tank-like setup Armament: 4x CIWS guns 1x 500 cal. long range heavy artillery Aircraft: 20x F/A-18 Hornets 20x F-14D Super Tomcats 5x GS-5...
  3. Rap Daniel

    Velociraptor Transformation?

    Can someone do a TF of a human(Any look) transforming into Rap? Sequence, startled at first, loves it at the end Pants get torn (Not completely off. Just a few big holes) but shirt survives Picture of Rap:
  4. Rap Daniel

    I need a ref sheet.

    REMEMBER, I will accept only SFW content. The character is Rap, an anthro velociraptor. (Jurassic Park style.) Clothing includes a torn Jurassic Park T-shirt (Because he thinks it as sexy), white shorts, no shoes, and no hat. No hair Blue eyes with slit pupils Digitigrade feet (He stands on...