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  1. N

    Please, how do you turn off Windows handwriting COMPLETELY

    I've been dealing with this fucking thing for the past year. I've finally come to my wit's end. I just want the fucking thing disabled completely. Every. Single. Time. I open up Discord while I'm drawing (aka using my tablet) this fucking Windows ink handwriting box spawns over the text box...
  2. Beanie-Badger

    Annoying house mate

    Anyone else got one of those? The one here likes to sit around and yell at kids online 24/7 (my wall is like Papier-mâché, I can hear everything!) and he makes a mess...
  3. T


    Over the time I've been here, I've noticed the site has picked up quite a lot of spambots, specifically from the Korean Peninsula. This NEEDS to stop... Is there any way to IP ban them? It's getting out of hand.