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  1. Rhino

    YCH Sale

    $10 A Slot, Any Mammal Species (Wolf, Fox, Feline, Ect)!! Will be FULLY COLORED and SOFT SHADED! PayPal Only, Comment if you would like a spot!!! 5/5 Slots Open!!
  2. Elysia Martinez

    Corgi Adopt $12

    PayPal or DeviantArt Comission (1500pts)
  3. IdleAmnesiac

    (Commission) Selling: $10 monochrome sketches~

    I'm up to doing some sketches in order to raise some funds and reach my goal for this year, and these are very fun and quick to make! Each sketch comes in the form of thigh-ups, will be filled in with either one color or a gradient (2 colors), lightly shaded and highlighted and will wear...
  4. foxyonmolly

    Limitless Open Commissions! Headshot, Half Body and Full Body + stickers

    Commissions are open under the following prices! Headshot - $10 Half Body - $20 Full Body - $30 Sticker prices are negotiated based on demand. NSFW versions have a price markup which can be discussed and negotiated in PMs. Can do both colorized and B&W offers, for B&W we can negotiate...