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anthro art

  1. paranoya

    (Commission) Selling: Ref sheets(100$+), portraits(30$+) and illustrations(60$+)

    Hello! I'm offering various commissions, starting from cheap portraits/icons going all the way to detailed illustrations. Check out my price list and feel free to pop in on my fA account for more examples! Interested in something not on the list? Message me either here or on fA, we'll work...
  2. SpaceyShiba

    (Commission) Selling: ($5.00 - $17.00) from icons to full bodies!

    spaceyshiba.carrd.co: SpaceyShiba contains my terms of service! I take payment over PayPal, I prefer to write invoices. If you only have a debit/credit card I also have a paypal .me link set up for Goods and Services you can use. Price List: Muzzle Icon: $5 Bust: $7.50 Half Body: $11.00...
  3. ChristianDashkov

    Art Trade: Art / Custom Trades (Unlimited Slots)

    Samples I'm looking for art of multiple of my characters, they should all be in this tag. I can offer anything you see in my gallery, including anything listed on my commissions page. This means ref sheets, sketch pages, fullbodies, etc. I can also offer characters as well. I can work with some...
  4. AnkhaBadonka

    (Commission) Selling: Commissioner needing work! Emergency fund ($10-$25)

    Need all the commission work I can get! Absolutely need to do some major repairs on my car, this has been very hard on me when I need to places to go and work (outside of FA). I'm willing to work with you and your satisfaction is my top priority! this is super important and slots are unlimited...
  5. HuskyFog

    (Commission) Selling: FIXED 15 $ fullshaded/cellshaded art!

    hello! provide 1 day turnaround art! 10 slots. send refs in comment to order wings + 5$ 1 char 15$ 2 chars 30$ NSFW scene 32 $ I send invoices through Paypal
  6. Dritazura

    (Commission) Selling: $30 NSFW YCH

    Hello furry friends! This is my second YCH and it consists of this pose and any species you’d like. You can choose the facial expression as well. I have both male and female versions. This will be in full color and shaded, and a color sheet of your choice. Female version...
  7. PiperTheGoat

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Chibi Recolors [$10+]

    PRICE DROP Hey, y'all! I'm selling recolors/YCH. (Example at bottom of post) These are sized at 800 x 800 pixels. Pricing The base price is $5. ~Includes: Any Bases Any Add-Ons (Any Combination, No Limit) Simple Background (colors, simple patterns) Extras: Highly Complex Colors (+$1) Base...
  8. Zeibei

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: ADOPTABLES FOR SALE ($10-$15)

    First time posting on the forums here so hopefully I cover everything! Currently selling adopts starting at $10 or $15 depending on the complexity of the design through Dealer's Den. Most of the info on the adopts is placed on the individual adopts description on the site to each adopt above the...
  9. MoebiousII

    (Commission) Selling: Open Commissions!(and auction )

    Open commissions on affordable prices! Check it out and be sure to read my ToS! Commission board- https://www.furaffinity.net/view/30262068/ Also I having an auction on twitch emotes of mobspycho100, you can check it out here www.furaffinity.net: MObPsycho Emotessss by MoebiousII Any question...
  10. fumingu

    Sketchbook: Sketches and Works!

    Never done furry art before now. Decided to make some and start posting, so here is a WIP! It's been really fun to do so far :p:D I don't think this counts as NSFW, but if it does, lemme know
  11. Belbe

    (Commission) Selling: Belbe's Meadow: traditional, simple digital, sketches, lineart, paintings, might do NSFW

    Hello everyone, I'm very new to this all but I'd love to tackle a few commissions! I'm a big fan of the work of Arthur Rackham, Juanjo Guarnido, Hayao Miyazaki, ... And I'd love to do commissions in a similar vein. My style can be best described as semi-realistic traditional, with an eye for...
  12. Peacegirllisa

    .:(Poor artist) Commission list:.

  13. A0X1

    ★ Anthro/Furry Commissions of any type (SFW; NSFW) [10$ - 100$] ★ + Halloween Adopts!

    Hello everyone! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ My name is Theo, I'm a freelance artist and a Veterinary student! ( ˙꒳ ˙ ) Not long ago I came back to the Furaffinity community, so I'm opening some commissions! Mainly I am an anthro artist. Currently, I'm taking any kinds of work, more information can be found on...
  14. saranwrapham

    Intro to my art ^^

    hi!! I’m new here- from amino! Here’s some of my art :”D ( and yes I am open for commissions uwu )
  15. saranwrapham


    Hello! Here is my current open commission info ^^ I take PayPal only! I have 2 full body YCHs for $25 each! Comment to claim which one! Digital badges : $20
  16. Jojer

    I miss the old LJ Secret-Santa style art exchanges... Anyone still do these?

    Is there any particular site where this is still an active thing? I usually only see it held within niche groups on DA or forums. I'd love to either see it started up here or maybe on a site that can facilitate a regular weekly or monthly exchange, or both.
  17. C

    Anthro and Human Art ($25-$75)

    Good Afternoon all! I am an artist who works with various media, traditional and digital. Frankly, I need money for a drawing tablet so I would deeply appreciate any commissions I could get. Most pieces will take between a day and two weeks for full scenes, though possibly longer if my drawing...
  18. Minimoo

    Super cheap commissions of any type! will do anything but nsfw, ask for a quote! the cheapest is 2$

    anything NOT covered here ask me and ill give you a quote! i can do about any medium including clay, and needle felting, etc. just ask! here is a link to my insta with MORE examples: complementing complainer (@complementingcomplainer) • Instagram photos and videos For lined images and sketches...
  19. Casty

    Open for Commissions

    I am currently taking in commissions. To get an idea of my work, you may view my website and FA directly/first. My website My FA **I am able to do both anthro and feral artwork!** Sketches (From headshots to fullbody) I am able to draw any species in any pose and/or shot. More samples...
  20. Srtameoow


    **********Hello everyone *********** This is my first post in this forum. Okay, I have several adoptions that are open for adoption. With full details and all at 7,5$ (Elf) and 8$ (Fox, Huskyd) Paypal Only —RULES 1. You must credit me! 2. You can slightly change the design / gender...