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anthro art

  1. jellykiwi

    ⟡ jellykiwi's commissions ⟡ { open, starting at $5!! }

    hey everyone!! I've recently run into some issues with rent, so I've decided to open commissions to help earn the money back!! anything helps ;; prices & details can be found in my commission info doc here are some recent examples of my work:
  2. G

    How did y'all learn how to anthropomorphize animals in art?

    I was just curious how everyone else has learned how to anthropomorphize animals in their art, because it's something I've never been able to do well, even in a cartoony way! If anyone has advice on that, please feel free to share! It's been about 10 years since I tried to draw fursona art and...
  3. happysparrow

    $5 Pixels and More!

    Hello! I am still new to the furry fandom, but learned something valuable... I love drawing furries. Like. A lot. Because of this, I would like to advertise a few commissions! I've practiced and practiced and think I'm finally ready! So, you may ask, what kind of commissions? Well, let me tell...
  4. R

    Emergency USD Commissions ;;

    Im technically new here, so hello. Im in need of currency and figured I'd open commissions and try it out. Here are some of my examples: NSFW requests are okay! Ask for examples! Pricing ranges from $10 to $60, it all just depends on what you're looking for. Estimated prices: Flat...
  5. Monbai

    Show Me Your Rough Drawings

    I had so much fun with these drawings in the past couple of days. Feel free to show me your drawings and if you want to, I may be able to give you critique. Also, my works are open for critique as well. www.furaffinity.net: Tiara Poses by Monbai www.furaffinity.net: Titanium 2.0 by Monbai...
  6. MoebiousII

    REMINDER!YCH Valentine's Photo Booth [OPEN!]

    Hi Hi to all! Since is the count down for Valentine's day im Offering some cutey couple photo booth memories for you and your luved ones ;). Claim yours before the V-Day
  7. LAB

    Digital Art Commissions (Anthro & Human) $15-45!

    Hi all! I'm new to FA but have a pretty active Tumblr account. I'm in a bit of a sticky financial situation right now and I need to expand my furry/anthro portfolio so I figured I'd hawk my wares here and see where it goes. :) I've been doing commissions for several years now (the majority of...
  8. divinedust

    $10 Anthro / human chibi commissions!

    Hi! So i'm in a bit of a tight home situation and i really need to make some money for myself. I'm doing chibi commissions for $10 each! I really need to make at least $50 soon, so I'd very much appreciate the help! I will do: Light nudity Light gore I will NOT do: Bigoted/racist/homophobic &...
  9. Silvv

    15$ Portrait commissions /Furry and humanoid/

    Hi everyone! I'm opening my store again~Since Christmas is coming I decided to take few commissions, because I'm going to have some free time so why not >uó Commission info: I'll take portrait commissions of humanoid characters and furries. I prefer payment with USD via paypal. You can...
  10. gobithedog

    Commissions and adopts(PAYPAL ONLY)

    Hello everyone! I'm opening commissions, here is the prices and rules: My FA page My DA Page And I have some unsold adopts too: Examples: Set price adopts DA POST FA POST Offer to adopt(paypal only): DA POST FA POST DA POST FA POST Here is some more and more and here is my...
  11. S

    Story commissions!!!

    Hey guys! So this is gonna be my first set of commissions! I dunno how many I'll take but I'm not gonna overwhelm myself for my first time lol. Ok, enough of my running my mouth, no one wants to hear that! Let's get to the good stuff! I charge $5 for every 250 words, and at the moment I'm only...
  12. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    Open for business

    hello,My name is Louis Nagy(aka NIGHTMAREwolf) and I am ready for any art project you want, you want some fan art for one of your favorite shows or maybe a personal piece, contact me and I can do it all,can be either SWF or NSFW all i need is a good description of what you want , paypal is...
  13. zobielle

    Cafe Maids Adopts! 8/8 OPEN!

    I made some cute little Cafe Maid adoptables. Each of them also have back references and face, mouth/nose, and paw references (if needed!). You can comment on the post here or in this thread: www.furaffinity.net: Cafe Maids! 8/8 OPEN! by zovielle
  14. H

    showcasing some of me arts

    Wanted to showoff some of me art to people and to just try to get more of my stuff out there to more peps to see what they think. art starts here - redraw of a old sketch of tuki from shantae - really happy with how this pose and lines just came out - little butt doodle of a new character...
  15. H

    commission starting at 10$

    opening up for single character illustration commissions at the moment currently i'm only having about three slot open at the moment. examples of my prices can be found here - www.furaffinity.net: commission price sheet 2017 by H.G.pup If these prices are to your likeing and you wish to...
  16. zobielle

    Summer Pool YCH Auction!

    I made a YCH the other day based on a picture that I thought was really pretty. It's on it's starting bid of $10! It ends on Wednesday at 10pm PST! www.furaffinity.net: Summer Pool YCH! OPEN! by zovielle
  17. Fairy_Tiny_Rainbow

    Cute chiby for 5$

    I can draw your anthro/feral character just for 5$ in this super cute style :З Here`s the example Simple BG included in price Payment via PayPal
  18. zobielle

    Pinup Commissions OPEN! (NSFW + SFW available!) $15

    I want to practice more on anthros and I really liked doing a pinup type piece last night! You can choose any kind of pinup pose you'd like. Just let me know what kind you want. You can also have NSFW or SFW. Just let me know! They will be $15 each! I can do no color for just $10 as well! ;3...
  19. Avelix

    Avelix's Commission Shop-OPEN!

    Hi! Thought I'd try selling commissions here. I'm new so hopefully I'm doing everything right! Please note I accept payments in USD. If interested please read my more in depth terms of service: sta.sh: Terms of Service-just the basic stuff is on the sheet! there is also an important notice at...
  20. Winterbolts

    [OPEN] ✯✯Commissions starting at $10! 5 slots open, reopening all the time!✯✯

    Hi there! I've returned to furry commissions after having dipped my toes in them a couple years back, and I decided I'd open up for sale here as well! Here are some examples of my work: For pricing information, more examples, and terms of service, please check out my ---> journal <---...