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anthro art

  1. peachy-keen

    Cute/Unique Commissions!!!

    Commissions are currently OPEN SLOTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. BUST PRICE: 15 - 25 USD FULL BODY PRICE: 30-45 USD FULL ILLUSTRATION PRICE: Starts at 60 USD General Things: CANNOT Claim my art as your own Change the art in any way Repost as a submission to other art sites or furaffinity without...
  2. kireann

    I'm new artist here :)

    Hello! I want to invite you to my FA page and to this thread. I'm still new here and I'd be glad if you support me ^^ Userpage of arastasya -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I hope you'll enjoy my art ^^
  3. exobiologickitten

    Attempted my first anthro character - WIP

    Hello! I haven't really dabbled in drawing anthro before, but I'm p pleased with how my first attempt is going so far, so I figured I'd share it. It's not super clear, but the end of her tail is meant to be like a fish's caudal fin. My favourite animals are cats and goldfish, so my dumb ass was...
  4. ThefriendlyFurry

    I need To Request a Anthro Version of my pony

    I need a free Request as I'm in between jobs, I don't ask for beautiful studio quality art I would just like a simple Anthro drawing. I'm also not picky about how long it takes all I ask for is when my art is started I would like for you to simply email me updates. If you have any questions...
  5. estiniens

    Estiniens' Commissions - OPEN

    Before you commission me, please take a look at my Terms of Service! Hello and thank you for taking a look at this journal! I'm Brent, and I'm a freelance artist who has recently made some drastic changes with my galleries and market, and I'm attempting to make a brand new start for myself! As...
  6. Tsuko-chi

    Critique Tsuko-Chi for fun!!

    Hello! My URL in FA is tsuko-chi. I have started drawing anthros a while ago, and was wondering if my art is working? Anthro's are easy to make awkward and wonky, so tips on technicalities are my super helpful! Ultimately I dont have lots of works to show but whatever is prevalently bad go...
  7. Stormwhiskers

    Digital Commissions ($5-$50)

    New and updated commission store! General Info * Payment through Paypal in USD *SFW * I will draw human/anthro/feral/taur *I will draw fanart * All commissions will come with both flat and transparent background versions *I will draw different ages and body types, though not massively...