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anthrocon 2019

  1. FluffyShutterbug

    AnthroCon 2019 Experiences Thread

    AnthroCon 2019 was a fucking BLAST! So, I thought that it'd be fun to hear about some of the experiences everybody had while there. My experience there? Hehee, I had a TON of firsts. First time meeting my boyfriend IRL, first time watching Zootopia, first time getting drunk... It was an AMAZING...
  2. T

    Room for 1-2 available in the Westin Anthrocon 2019

    Howdy fluffs, my mates and I have space for one more fur (or a couple if you're sleeping together) in the Westin and are looking for more; We currently have 4 to our room. Ideally we would like to do $200 in total but it can be worked out if need be! We'll be keeping it rather quiet and mostly...