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  1. P

    $15 -$35 Full-color commissions

    I am doing commissions of any character or OC you want. I can do just about anything, from mammals to insects to plants. I can do anthro plants if you wish. I have a few slots open, and if you want to know exactly what I can do, as well as examples, go to this journal on dA. My prices are $15...
  2. Rant

    Life in Astriel

    ((Ok so cut me some slack I only just got to sit down and work on this today has been rough. Is the title ok? I feel like it needs to be cooler....)) (INTRO) Winds cried a mournful howl outside the large stained glass window. The image immortalized in colorful glass long forgotten by the quiet...
  3. Red-IzaK

    How to promote artwork efficiently?

    Hi guys, I need your help :) I was working in gamdev for about 2 years but I think It's not for me ;/ I feel happiness mostly while working on my private fantasy/furry stuff for myself and my clients. I have decided to have my own businesses as soon as possible. I'd like to live from doing...