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  1. Illsent

    When Fur Enters the World [Chapter 1-2 Update]

    Author's Note(s): Just so you aren't confused, at the very beginning there are no furries (or "Anthros" as people call them in-universe, because in-universe there is no such thing as the furry community, like how in The Walking Dead, "Zombies" have never been heard of). You'll know when they...
  2. Illsent

    I'm Somewhat New and Didn't Know This Existed

    Salutations. I am Illsent, or Anton as my fursona is named. I joined maybe two months ago, but really only started getting active about a month ago, and am now posting this because I never knew this forum existed until now. I really like music, video games, and space. Those are about my three...
  3. Illsent

    Any Suggestions for my Fursona?

    This is him: If you're wondering why he has horns, he's a breed of bear I made up called "Corniger Bear" which have small horns.