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  1. Tortolitaegg

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Cutesy 5-10$ comms Full/halfbody

    5$ for halbody 10$ for fullbody +5 per additional characters Payment through PayPal only Will do: Furry, human, humanoid, feral Won't do: NSFW, mecha, heavy armour Find my art here Halfbody comm: Fullbody comm:
  2. Immycat114

    Buying Big Cat Female Anthro Designs

    Hello, I am looking for really creative big cat female anthro designs. I really prefer female tigers but am looking for anything that might catch my eye. She will be an action character of mine. Please post below any designs you are selling and the prices. :) I can also offer some other...
  3. Axel Lionhart

    (Commission) Selling: April Slots OPEN

    Hey there! I have 10 slots (fullbody) to April. Simple background and clothes are free, but I'll keep it very simple. Feel free to ask questions , DM me here, telegram (@axellionhart) or Furaffinity You can follow my channels, Telegram, Trello. How to Order (link to my site) Prices: My last...
  4. hudin

    (Commission) Selling: full body $100

    Hudinart fullbody commissions SFW Hello, i'm open 5 slots to do commissions on this style without background, if you're interested send me an email: hud.sanos@gmail.com Fa: Userpage of hudinart -- Fur Affinity [dot] net i charge $100 USD (only paypal) +$20 for props Example...
  5. Saltamor

    Open for COMMISSION!!!

    Hello everyone :) I hope you are in a good mood. I want to present my works. I will be happy to draw anything you want :) You can see more work at this link my FA page: Userpage of Saltamor -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My Telegram: @Saltamor
  6. Icefyrefox

    Commissions Open (Feral, Furry, and More)

    Status: OPEN Slots: 1. open 2. open - paypal only - SFW only please - Please have a full reference of your character ready. - Please allow time for completion. If you have deadlines, let me know up front. - I will send a preview of your sketch for corrections and approval before payment is...