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  1. C

    How to engage deeper with the fandom in spite of social anxiety?

    I've been a part of the fandom for about 6 years now and while I don't mind being a spectator it gets a little lonely not having furry friends. I can deal with posting on forums like this or furry subreddits but I have difficulty handling VRChat and Discord and other, more direct groupings...
  2. Doodle Bunny

    Writers: Do you get anxious about showing your personal work?

    Hi other writers! I just want to open up a discussion about writing and the potential anxiety that comes with doing so/how you handle it if you make your work public. Just to hear others opinions on the subject. I'm not looking for advice or anything. I just want to see other people's...
  3. CeloTheKitty

    Mephit fur meet

    Anyone going MFM this year? I would love to make some friends since I'm pretty new to the fandom and I'm very shy and awkward lol
  4. HarpyFeather

    Driving Tips for someone with severe ADHD and Anxiety?

    This might be weird, but it's been on my mind recently, and I don't want to use this site just for advertising. But, driving is something I have always fumbled, I have crippling ADHD, and my meds I am on now for the most part do their job though it is still a little hard for me to focus. I...
  5. T

    Vent: Leaving the sexual aspect behind but feeling self-conscious about it

    apologies for pushing my issues onto y'all like this, but this is something I've been wrestling with for a while, and I think this is just the kind of environment where I can expect people to at least understand what I'm talking about. I realize that all of this must seem very trivial from an...
  6. Kope

    How to deal with anxiety

    I feel a painful compression in my chest 90 percent of the time. I can’t sleep and it’s affecting my art production. I’ve tried meditation but it hasn’t worked. I ordered some cod oil online so I hope that will do something, but is there anything I can do besides deep breathing to sooth my pain...
  7. Tulok


    So I have managed to let my anxiety get the best of me and now I'm stuck at home being more depressed. I was wondering if anyone relates and if being a furry helped?
  8. Sarachaga


    I'd like to open this thread because this is an issue that I don't get to discuss much irl. I suffer from anxiety, specifically a panic disorder, which means I get panic attacks on a regular basis, every two weeks or so. I think it'd be good to have a place to discuss our experiences with this...
  9. Water Draco

    Fight or flight simmering to close to the surface.

    It was a post in another forum thread by another forum member that prompted me to create this thread. The intention is to discuss when you find yourself in the situation where either the fight, flight or both are sitting too close to the surface. Personally I have been struggling with this...
  10. Alrazvick


    I have contemplated whether or not I should post this or not but right now I feel that I have nothing to lose. So as the title suggests I am currently dealing with anxiety and I am not happy about it. I am a writer but I haven’t been able to write or even read a few of my favorite stories lately...
  11. halotato

    Unsupportive Friends and Wanting to be in the fandom again

    Hi there, forum people. I should give a little background: I used to openly be a furry in high school, drawing furry art in public, not denying being one, and all that stuff. I followed all the latest in the furry fandom and even drew for some people. I never had really any friends though...
  12. Reiv

    How Should I Get Over My Extreme Anxiety?

    Now, this is a really long and complicated story that is my life, I'll try to summarise the most important things. Years ago I first heard about the furry fandom by hate comments. I knew that I was a furry even back then, but since I was already in the influence of the hate comments, I stood...
  13. ThiccPinkPunkGoddess

    A Shadow in Human Form

    Why is it when you do your hardest to try an be social with people...with your friends...but then..they don't reciprocate? Why do I bother to stay around, but when I get depressive and want to disappear from the world...they crawl back to me like fucking cockroaches and beg me to say. Tell me...
  14. fourur

    Can't stop fast food and sugar feeling hopless

    I crave for fast food and sugar things everytime, when the week end is here, after a long week of hard and labour work , I like to please myself with cans and cans of coca cola, and bring my car to the drive thru at mc donald's or kfc. I suffert from depression, and now i'm on medication, I...
  15. zenmaldita

    Can't work unless alone in the room :V

    and I'm a strictly SFW artist! Does anyone else here have crippling anxiety whenever someone else is in the room when you're trying to work? Cos I can't. I'm currently sharing a bedroom with 3 other people: my mom, my sister, and my cousin. When someone else is in the room, my back feels heavy...
  16. MEDDL3r

    What do you do to help curb depression and anxiety? And other thoughts I have.

    Hope this is posted in the right place. I have been dealing with depression and anxiety for 10+ years. I deal with hating my self, low self image, no motivation and bad social anxiety. I am on a medication regimen but it isn't helping as much as it used to. I'm curious as to what's working for...
  17. D

    For those with anxiety

    This is a response I made for someone on my other post about depression. I thought it worth it to copy the response and paste it as a whole new thread. Here you go! “I know all to well the problem of anxiety, and living with it my whole life and having had multiple counselors, I know a thing or...
  18. Skychickens

    Rant thread solved

    EDIT: Long story short: This was a disaster but it all worked out in the end. If you're curious, send me a note we can chat. Turns out, I didn't know my wife had managed to get a savings set up and I ended up putting in two weeks. It may get a little rough for awhile but at least I have a...
  19. G

    I’m a little conflicted

    heh so I don’t make these threads a lot (ever), but it’s late, I’m pondering, and just want to talk a bit :P So a situation has recently just occured, and because of it, my life is going to change drastically. Now, I’m left feeling a bit... conflicted I guess? More so, on how to feel about it...
  20. fourur

    lazyness for too long, that normal?

    I am lazy for like ,10 years about drawing, I was seriously questionned if I have add or something , every time Iwant to go back to drawing I used excuses , because of anxiety,, or " resistance" . Is that normal for a lot of folk or what? what do you think about this?